Robot vacuum cleaner LG Roboking VR6180VMC with CCTV

August 31, 2011 07:28 AM by Larry Rhone | Digital Home

LG Electronics has unveiled a new robot vacuum cleaner, Roboking VR680VMNC, continuing the already well-known series Roboking. The Korean company will show new product recently at IFA 2011.
Robot vacuum cleaner LG Roboking VR6180VMC with CCTV

The device is equipped with three cameras at once to capture the surrounding areas. Thus, the vacuum cleaner will work with CCTV for home, passing the image on the Wi-Fi networks on a smartphone user. LG Roboking VR680VMNC control can also be from your phone, using it as a remote control. In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner understands voice commands to 1.5 meters.

In addition to cameras with a vacuum cleaner, of course, there are many sensors that allows it to yourself to move around the house during cleaning, bypassing obstacles. LG Roboking VR680VMNC runs very quietly, the noise level even while sucking the dust does not exceed 48 dB. Release of new products in South Korea is scheduled for September. Vacuum cleaner will cost 899 000 won, equivalent to about $ 750, on other parts of the information yet.

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