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DGCA grounds Boeing 737 Max by 4 pm on Wednesday calls emergency meeting of all airlines

DGCA grounds Boeing 737 Max by 4 pm on Wednesday calls emergency meeting of all airlines

Garneau said evidence about multiple Boeing 737 Max 8 flights suggests a worrying correlation between the Ethiopian Airlines crash and the tragedy in Indonesia less than five months ago.

It says the software upgrade "will be deployed across the 737 MAX fleet in the coming weeks". It does not intend to issue new recommendations about the aircraft to customers.

Passenger-rights advocate Gabor Lukacs said Wednesday that it would be prudent for Garneau to suspend use of the aircraft until questions are answered about what caused the Ethiopian crash. The company added, however, that it recommended to the FAA that all 737 Max planes be temporarily grounded around the world.

"We very much worked in conjunction with Canada" on the grounding decision, Trump said.

In its emergency order, the FAA said that new information obtained from satellite data and the wreckage itself shows some similarities between the two 737 MAX 8 crashes.

On Tuesday, Toronto-based Sunwing Airlines Inc. said it has "suspended" flights of its four Max 8 jets due to "evolving commercial reasons", joining dozens of airlines and countries in halting the use of the new planes amid safety concerns.

"Pilots repeatedly voiced safety concerns about the Boeing 737 Max 8 to federal authorities, with one captain calling the flight manual inadequate and nearly criminally insufficient", the newspaper noted. A total of 18 Canadians were killed in the latest crash. The doomed plane was headed from the Ethiopian capital to Nairobi, Kenya, when it crashed six minutes after takeoff. About 2 percent of American's fleet operates on the 737 Max jets and less than 5 percent of Southwest's.

The announcement follows Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people.

"The pilot reported flight control problems and requested to turn back".

Numerous passengers were heading to a United Nation's environmental conference in Nairobi.

One elderly couple collapsed into each other's arms after strewing flowers in front of a picture of a smiling young woman, while a family propped each other up, tears coursing down their faces.

Pilots of both planes had to correct their planes' trajectories repeatedly after the automatic control systems aimed the nose downward.

The MAX has a bigger and more efficient engine compared with earlier 737 models.

Sara Nelson, the president of Association of Flight Attendants union, wrote the FAA on Monday asking it to conduct a comprehensive review and "take steps immediately to address concerns and ensure the safety of the 737 MAX fleet".

Passengers were fretting too, with many seeking reassurances they would not be flying on a 737 MAX. "We were surprised!" He said it explained why rescue officials quickly sent bulldozers to begin digging out large pieces of the plane.

Trump said he had told American airlines about the decision as well as Boeing and all agreed with his administration's decision.

"In light of the decisions of regulatory agencies across the world to ground the Model 737 Max", Cruz said in a statement.

Will Sunday's crash affect confidence in modern air travel?

"It's unfortunate, but we must put safety at the top of the agenda" he said, confirming that it affects domestic carriers including Air Canada, WestJet Airlines Ltd. and Sunwing, as well as worldwide airlines.

Because the aircraft is so new - Boeing only delivered its first Max in 2017 - US carriers don't fly many of them.

"So, if we look at the profile, there are vertical fluctuations, in the vertical profile of the aircraft and there were similarities in what we saw", Garneau said.

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