Google Assistant Gets Continued Conversations on Smart Displays

The Google Assistant will call restaurants and salons to make reservations on your behalf.                  James Martin  CNET

The Google Assistant will call restaurants and salons to make reservations on your behalf. James Martin CNET

In addition to that, Google also confirmed that the Duplex feature is now available to use in 43 different states in the us on its Pixel smartphones.

Google Assistant now can make Duplex calls on Pixel phones in 43 states - tough luck, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska and Texas - with the feature moving beyond Google's phones shortly.

This marks a fairly substantial expansion considering the feature was previously only available in a select number of locations, including Atlanta, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco. Notably, India already has assistant support to host Duplex, but the final answer still remains to be seen. Not only due to its sheer intelligence, but also due to the privacy concerns surrounding such a use case.

For those unaware, Duplex is a conversational AI designed for making Google Assistant more capable at handling real-world tasks.

What do you think of Google being able to make automated calls to businesses?

CNBC recently tried Duplex to book a table at a restaurant in New Jersey and it worked perfectly.

It can also ask basic information about the business such as whether or not the business is open for a holiday or if the hours arent listed on Google Maps.

The Duplex national tour is rolling out to nearly every state in the US. It essentially allows you to hold a conversation with the Assistant without having to constantly say "Hey Google". An email or phone notification will then be sent by the AI assistant to the user with details about the booking. Google said it will continue to upgrade and remodel the system based on feedback from consumers and analysts who will use the AI-powered reservation service.

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