What’s Actually in Those Starbucks Drinks Ariana Grande Is Peddling?

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

The drink is Starbucks' latest attempt to capture customers through new offerings and partnerships.

Ariana has been known to proudly share her love for all things clouds and solar space on her social media accounts with the use of emojis.

The cloud macchiato comes in caramel and cinnamon flavors.

Ariana Grande has a new Starbucks drink - now, cue all the "Grande" jokes you can think of. Either way, we are excited for whatever Starbucks has in store for us, especially if it means a collaboration with Ariana Grande. The name is a reference to Ariana Grande's recently-launched Cloud perfume. The drink will have espresso, cold whipped foam, and a caramel drizzle.

Creators of the Cloud Macchiato were reportedly inspired by leche merengada, or "meringue milk" - which is a summer drink enjoyed by people in Spain.

But that's hardly exciting, so we'll let Starbucks do the talking. The Cloud drink, which is available in cinnamon and caramel flavors and can be served iced or hot, is similar, but the difference can largely be found in the milk product, which a Starbucks press release referred to as "a cloud of cold milk foam that's light and smooth".

Ariana Grande is launching her own Starbucks drink. Twitter was flooded with different takes on the teaming.

How does Ariana Grande fit in to this? One pic shows one of her dogs, Toulouse, licking her lips as she's holding a cup. In addition to the new beverage, Starbucks will introduce a playlist featuring Grande's songs, and music she's fond of, on International Women's Day.

The powder is what puts the "cloud" in cloud macchiato, resulting in a rich and frothy texture.

Instagrammable Frappuccinos used to help drive sales for Starbucks.

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