Sprint to launch 5G in 9 cities this year

Google Fi to offer 5G thanks to Sprint, provided you have a compatible handset

Google Fi to offer 5G thanks to Sprint, provided you have a compatible handset

Sprint made the announcement in Barcelona at the Mobile World Conference where it was demonstrating its new technology. Sprint will also launch its 5G hotspot from HTC sometime "this spring".

USA carriers are sprinting (pun intended) to be first with 5G, with AT&T even going as far as to label its LTE Advanced network 5G Evolution.

After CNET's interview was published, Ray tweeted that it was "wrong" to characterize this as a delay in 5G service, since T-Mobile will still be releasing mmWave 5G phones before the second half of the year.

All four major wireless carriers are gearing up to launch 5G service throughout the U.S.

With the launch in May, Sprint joins AT&T as the first two companies to turn on mobile 5G networks in the country.

Once all nine of its first markets launch, Tovar said 5G will cover about 1,000 square miles.

Moreover, a Sprint video showed speeds on its network - now unloaded with customers - approaching 430Mbit/s. Sprint decided against using millimeter wave technology.

To be clear, the results of such speed tests indicate mostly nothing. That spectrum offers high speeds but over shorter distances, though, while 600MHz offers slower peak speeds but greater reach.

"Initial drive tests show Sprint 5G is providing connectivity in the downtown area, from the Magnificent Mile and the Loop to the University of IL at Chicago", said Sprint. Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Washington D.C. will follow. Samsung is the vendor for Sprint's Chicago market, while the rest are split between Nokia and Ericsson.

American Telecommunication company Sprint is expecting to launch their 5G network by this May.

Sprint executive chairman Marcelo Claure told Congress recently that without a merger, his company could be forced to borrow money to build out its 5G network, adding costs that would be passed to customers.

Right now Sprint has announced two phones that will support its network, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and LG V50 ThinQ 5G.

Company officials declined to say how Sprint's 5G plans will be sold to consumers, or at what price. As part of Google and Sprint's continued collaboration, both parties have committed to delivering innovative technology to Google Fi customers, enabled by 5G services from Sprint.

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