Google Rolls Out New Data Protection Tools

On Safer Internet Day, Google gives you three tips to keep your device and data safe

On Safer Internet Day, Google gives you three tips to keep your device and data safe

In other words, there's no real downside to installing the extension and helping protect your online accounts.

"It would be an incredible feat to have not had one of your passwords stolen in a data breach in recent years, so hopefully Google's new tool will be a way of highlighting this and reminding you to change it", he pointed out. Google has launched a solution in the new Password Checkup Chrome extension. Google, too, has seen such attacks, reporting to have blocked attacks on almost 110 million users in the past with the same database of four billion leaked credentials that it's now using to power the Password Checkup tool. With this, Google can share details of an account breach with its SSO partners to enable them take action as well.

Awareness less among older age group: Expert Hyderabad-based data security researcher Srinivas Kodali said netizens not following best practices is a worldwide problem, but is more acute among Indian users due to lack of both digital literacy and literacy in general. This new solution adds another layer of security around third-party apps or websites that use Google accounts as a login method.

"Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance", says Kurt Thomas, security and anti-abuse research scientist at Google.

For those anxious about their credentials ending up in Google's hands or the hands of hackers who might compromise or abuse the extension, the company offers reassurance. It's also looking to improve the way it works over time; hopefully it'll be baked into a future version of the browser so more users can take the necessary steps to protect their accounts. "But we want to provide you with the same data breach protections for your accounts, beyond just Google apps and sites", a new post to Google's The Keyword blog notes. If you've ever received a notification telling you to reset your password because of a security issue or a website that has been compromised, you know all too well what this means, and while it can be a bit of an inconvenience, it's all to help you stay a little bit secure.

Google has always been interested in protecting Chrome users' passwords, in part because they are often the very same ones used to access Google services.

"We only share information with apps where you have logged in with Google". "Services such as Google Security Checkup are clean and simple one-stop-shops for a regular "internet security NCT", which will significantly reduce the risk posed by ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated attacks on your personal information online".

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