Lunar Eclipse Video Catches Meteorite Hitting the Moon

Photo: ‘Super blood wolf moon’ inks Durango skies

Photo: ‘Super blood wolf moon’ inks Durango skies

The event was the result of a supermoon combined with a lunar eclipse. It was the first full moon of the year (a wolf moon) and it came at a time when the moon was also closest to Earth (a super moon) and going through a lunar eclipse (a blood moon).

A blood moon is another name given to a total lunar eclipse, which happens when the Earth moves in between the sun and the moon. Although meteoroids have been filmed hitting the Moon before, lunar eclipses are often too bright. This alignment causes light from the Sun to be refracted, making the Moon appear to be a reddish color.

Chief among them was Jose Maria Madiedo, an astronomer at the University of Huelva in Spain, who captured the exact moment a football-sized meteorite hit the top left quadrant of the copper-tinted blood moon.

A small and quick flash was first spotted during eclipse live streams at 11:41 PM ET, just as the eclipse started.

Madiedo and his team have been hoping to capture a lunar impact for some time, but normally the brightness of the Moon makes it very hard.

"In total I spent nearly two days without sleeping, including the monitoring time during the eclipse", Madiedo explained to Gizmodo.

"We employ an array of telescopes endowed with high-sensitivity cameras that monitor the lunar surface in order to detect these events", Madiedo told ABC News. Astroimager Jamie Cooper, from Dustin, England, caught an meteor impact on the moon. "I did not want to miss any potential impact event", he explained in an email.

"I was exhausted when the eclipse ended-but when the automatic detection software notified me of a bright flash, I jumped out of my chair".

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