Fortnite security flaw put millions of players at risk

Fortnite is so big, criminals are now using it to launder stolen money

Fortnite is so big, criminals are now using it to launder stolen money

More than 80 million players around the world are obsessed with Fortnite, a multiplayer game of survival that allows players to use real money to buy video game currency.

The hack: Check Point Research, an information security group, explained in its own report that the bug allowed hackers to identify when a player logged into the game through a third party, like Xbox Live.

Check Point researchers found a serious vulnerability in Epic Games' sub-domains, which could have easily granted access to user's account without handing over the login details on a phishing website.

Money launderers use stolen credit cards to purchase V-bucks - which players use to purchase weapons, outfits and other items in the wildly popular game - from the "Fortnite" store and then resell them on the dark web.

Epic Games, the software developer behind Fortnite, was notified of the security issue before Check Point went public and claims to have fixed it. We thank Check Point (Research) for bringing this to our attention. Now we have some idea of just how much money the game's 200 million players are spending.

Data analysis firm SuperData today reported that Fortnite earned $2.4 billion in revenue last year, topping the list of games for the year (and probably beating out top earners of years past easily). But Epic Games could do a bit more to mitigate it, such as ...

The main concern with unauthorized access to your account is that a person could view your personal info, including your email address, full name, payment info and your username on other devices where Fortnite is available.

To take control, the researchers sent a message to their victim over social media including a malicious link. Once the user authenticates into Fortnite, the login page redirects to the attacker's page, which asks the SSO provider for the access token.

Check Point said "Needless to say that along with this massive invasion of privacy, the financial risks and potential for fraud is vast".

If you or your child plays Fortnite, you might want to take a closer look at your recent credit card statements. These platforms are being increasingly targeted by hackers because of the huge amounts of sensitive customer data they hold.

The method they discovered could have given any attacker the ability to log into a user's Fortnite account without the player being aware of it.

Fortnite's V-bucks can be used for an terrible lot.

It also encourages players to use two-factor authentication, which will require them to enter a security code sent to their phone upon login.

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