How Europe reacted to Brexit deal defeat

Frustrated France says Brexit deadline could be pushed back but'deal cannot be reopened

Frustrated France says Brexit deadline could be pushed back but'deal cannot be reopened

The rules governing the no-confidence vote in the government were changed when the Fixed Term Parliaments Act was enacted in 2011 to make it more hard to bring down a government.

May, who leads a fractious government, a divided Parliament and a gridlocked Brexit process, said she would stay put.

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has called a no-confidence vote in May's government, which was scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Labour leader Corbyn said no positive talks were possible unless a no-deal Brexit was taken off the table. There is absolutely no parliamentary majority for it and it would be catastrophic harmful to the country'.

But the Pontypridd MP added: "We've been calling on her to sit down with us haven't we, rightly criticising the prime minister for failing to reach out to people".

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said the bloc is stepping up preparations for a "no-deal" departure by Britain after Parliament's actions left the bloc "fearing more than ever that there is a risk" of a chaotic departure.

At the same time, opponents of May's deal looked to ways to maximize the scale of her defeat in an effort to move the debate on.

Moments after the vote, May said it was only right to test whether the government still had lawmakers' support to carry on.

The House of Commons will debate the opposition's motion of no confidence, starting after Prime Minister's Questions, shortly after 12.30pm today. May promised the government would approach those talks in a "constructive" manner. "When parliament needs more time, then this is something that will have to be considered by the European council, and personally I would see that as a reasonable request", he told the BBC.

German Chancellor Merkel offered May some hope, saying "we still have time to negotiate but we're now waiting on what the prime minister proposes".

So what has the meaningful vote taught us? We have to extend Article 50.

A protester folds European Union flags after the result was announced on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, Tuesday. They voted to leave the European Union. And the prime minister's "backstop" solution - temporarily keeping Northern Ireland in the EU customs union as both sides figure out a long-term arrangement - proved to be a key deal-breaker for critics of May's agreement.

Supporters of what is known as a hard Brexit believe it would be better for the United Kingdom to leave without an agreement, relying on existing World Trade Organisation rules and allowing it to have a fully independent trade policy.

James Smith, an economist at ING, says the "calm market response" suggests investors think at the very least that the government will end up having to seek an extension to the Brexit timetable.

The no-confidence vote is expected to be held at about 8am NZT.

The Welsh Labour leader said: "In my view, the options for resolving the crisis facing our country are narrowing".

Parliament has given May until Monday to come up with a new proposal.

"We would now urge ruling out a no-deal immediately as the only option with majority support in Parliament", Britain's biggest carmaker, Jaguar Land Rover, said in a statement. However, if no government is able to form after 14 days, there would be another general election.

An EU official, who asked not to be identified because of the developing situation, said that it was "Important that he is available and working in Brussels during the coming hours".

"An unordered exit would be negative for the European Union and catastrophic for the UK", Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. On Wednesday morning, more than 100 Labour MPs will call for Brexit to go back to the people.

A total of 26 Labour and 4 Plaid Cymru MPs backed the no confidence motion, excluding Jessica Morden who was a teller for the Ayes, and Paul Flynn who has not been attending the Commons due to illness. Out of May's 317 MPs, only 196 backed her.

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