Xiaomi Phone Folds Twice

Screenshot by Sean Buckley  CNET

Screenshot by Sean Buckley CNET

We have been hearing a lot about Samsung's foldable phone for a long time now. Many smartphone makers, including Samsung and Oppo, have already revealed their intention of launching such a phone. If the video is to be believed, Xiaomi will launch the world's first dual-side foldable phone. Then, the user folds the right side and the left side of the screen towards its rear one after the other. Whatever might be the case, we will surely know more about it in the coming months. The handset, shown in the render above, features a primary display on the inside, as well as a secondary screen on the outside so that you can use the device when it's folded closed. The 20-second clip with Chinese as the set language also offers a look at the lock screen. One of the things holding back the in-display scanners is that they can only work on devices with amoled screens (which are more expensive than LCD). Not only did the company unveil a new user interface for the upcoming phone, but Samsung has been working with Google to optimize Android for foldable screens. Also, there is also no news on the tech specs of the device as well as when it will be available in Malaysia. There also appears to be some outward bending at the two hinge points. Since the video has been shot in the dark, nothing can be commented about the bezels as of yet because the exteriors are not visible.

Foldable smartphones have been a concept for a long time now with a few proof of concept devices being shown off at worldwide events. And if it is, Xiaomi might just have a solid looker here.

While not explicitly mentioned, the device does give away the fact that it's a device from Xiaomi simply due to the fact that it runs on Xiaomi's in-house MIUI ROM.

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