Windows 10 finally beats Windows 7

Windows 10 users beg Microsoft to stop giving them FLAC Microsoft misunderstands

Windows 10 users beg Microsoft to stop giving them FLAC Microsoft misunderstands

Windows 8 is still around on 0.88 percent of machiens, while Windows 8.1 lost 0.14 points to 4.45 percent. It's been something of a process for Microsoft to get here. That's according to the December OS market share statistics from analytics firm Net Applications, which show that Windows 10 managed to grab 39.22% of the market, while Windows 7 lagged behind at 36.9%.

Other market share estimators reckoned the glorious moment happened earlier past year - StatCounter reckoned January 2018 saw the world stumble into a Windows 10-powered future, but it took until December for NetMarketShare to agree. At the beginning of the year, market share sat at 34.29 and 42.39 percent for Windows 10 and Windows 7, respectively.

It's always interesting to compare the adoption rate on the Steam Hardware Survey against the adoption rate of the OS in the general population. As of November, those figures were 38.14 percent and 38.89 percent respectively.

But now that Windows 10 is practically the most popular OS in the world, with macOS (as a whole) being used by 9.61% of users and Linux claiming 2.09%, Microsoft's dominance in the desktop world will continue to make the company relevant in the consumer world. Microsoft's last major release was the Windows 10 October update with a bunch of features. But now months since its release, the software has failed to gain traction with users. Support for the venerable OS ends on 14 January 2020 and there will be no more automatic updates to keep the near-decade old operating system secure from miscreants.

Windows 10 was lagging behind Windows 7, arguably one of the most popular versions of Windows to date.

Microsoft launched its first-ever public version of Windows 10 operating system for PCs and desktops three years ago. Windows 8.1 users have a little longer, until 2023.

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