Jordan's gender gap widens to rank near bottom of index

Robots and Lack of Child Care Leave Women's Wages Centuries Behind

Robots and Lack of Child Care Leave Women's Wages Centuries Behind

This is largely due to a narrower income gap between men and women, which stands at almost 51% in 2018, and the number of women in leadership roles, which stands at 34% globally. To date, said the WEF, there was still a 32pc average gender gap that remained to be closed.

Nordic countries lead the world at closing the gender gap and, in recent years, have taken root at the top of the global rankings. Most striking is the gender gap in the sphere of artificial intelligence skill - 23 percent are women compared with 78 percent men - which indicates disparity in the skills of the future may widen in the years to come.

Women were also far behind in politics and the WEF said that at the current pace of change it will take 107 years until there are as many female politicians as male. It also scored better marks than a year ago in economics due to a smaller wage gap and other factors.

The Global Gender Gap Index ranks 149 countries on health, education, economic and political indicators, including wage equality, educational attainment, and representation in national government.

"The gender gap in political empowerment will be hard to close and now requires another 107 years to be bridged", the Global Gender Gap Report said.

Bahrain has been ranked sixth overall in the region in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2018, securing an improvement of a whole 32 placements in the educational attainment pillar.

WEF said that there was a year-on-year deterioration of political empowerment of women, "partly attributed to the lower tenure of women in head-of-state roles around the world".

Similarly, women held just 34pc of managerial positions across the countries where data was available, and less than 7pc in the in the four worst-performing countries - Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Pakistan. A figure of 1.0 means ideal equality, while zero means complete inequality. Almost 78 percent of the gender gap is closed, therefore, in this country.

The LinkedIn data suggest that women with AI skills are more likely to be employed as data analysts, researchers, information managers and teachers, whereas men are more likely to be employed as software engineers, heads of engineering, heads of IT and chief executives.

Among the world's 20 leading economies, France fared the best, taking 12th place overall, followed by Germany in 14th place, Britain in 15th, Canada in 16th and South Africa in 19th.

Even though Jordan dropped three ranks since previous year, its ranking has improved in two of the four categories, climbing up six spots in the "Educational Attainment" index to achieve a rank among the top 50 countries worldwide at 42nd.

In economic participation and opportunity, the income parity index stood at 0.532, lower than the global average of 0.632.

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