The Outer Worlds is Obsidian's New Space-Faring Adventure

The Game Awards

The Game Awards

Exploring the far reaches of space, you'll encounter different factions, all of which are competing for power.

There is now no date set or platforms revealed for The Outer Worlds. It seems we're set to enter a world controlled by corporations where people are marginalized and you, the unlikely hero, can make any decision you please.

From the original creators of Fallout, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, comes a new single-player RPG we're supremely keen to jump into.

The Outer Worlds appears to be a bleak take on commercialism run amok with a strong undercurrent of dark humor throughout the setting and characters. For the time being, let's just celebrate the fact that a new first-person RPG from the makers of Fallout: New Vegas is headed our way. The Outer Worlds is not yet rated by the ESRB. It is also the first first-person shooter from Obsidian, who have been more known for their isometric RPGs than first person shooters. That's apparently due to an agreement between Obsidian and publisher Private Division made prior to the buyout that Microsoft is happy to adhere to.

The Outer Worlds will be releasing in 2019, so we'll be seeing much more of this game over the course of next year. Players can decide if their character is afraid of certain enemies, which temporarily decreases the character's stats while fighting them but provides permanent perks as a trade-off. Players have the option to choose intentionally stupid responses, which means gamers can basically go through The Outer Worlds role-playing as Philip J. Fry.

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