Lockheed, Draper among NASA partners for new lunar payload services

Lockheed, Draper among NASA partners for new lunar payload services

Lockheed, Draper among NASA partners for new lunar payload services

Mr Bridenstine said NASA would buy the service and let private industry work out the details on getting there.

NASA is planning to conduct workplace reviews of SpaceX and Boeing, another contractor, but which were already under consideration before Musk's appearance on the Rogan podcast. It is an experimental part of the agency's plan for Americans to orbit the Moon starting in 2023, and land astronauts on the surface no later than the late 2020s. NASA, meanwhile, expects to have a continuous manned presence on the Moon within a decade. NASA will continue looking at private sector for innovations and delivery solutions.

But no USA spacecraft has touched down on the Moon since the last Apollo mission in 1972, and it's been exactly 50 years since NASA last sent a robotic mission to the lunar surface. On Monday, we landed on Mars. No money was awarded Thursday.

Among the research projects the companies are working on include radiation monitors, laser reflectors for gravity and measurement devices, said moon project leader Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA science mission head.

NASA sees CLPS as a way to achieve low-priced science at the moon, including work identifying resources that could support future human exploration.

The US President signed the Space Policy Directive in December previous year, officially announcing a return to the lunar surface as the near-term goal of NASA's human space programme.

Lockheed, Draper among NASA partners for new lunar payload services
NASA planned a new mission to the moon

The goal is to get science and technology experiments to the surface of the moon as soon as possible, and the first flight could be next year.

These Commercial Lunar Payload Services contracts are initial steps toward continuous sustainable scientific study and human exploration on the moon, eventually Mars, and beyond.

Maston Space Systems: A Mojave-based company focused on reusable rocket technology and reliable planetary landers for the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond. SpaceX has been a hugely valuable partner for NASA, but launching unmanned cargo ships into space is one thing. "If you want to learn the age of the solar system, you take samples from the moon and analyze them". Although not tied to the aerospace giant's human-rated spacecraft, the company noted its experience with developing vehicles similar to this new lander.

NASA released a draft request for proposals April 27 that called for USA companies to "introduce new technologies to deliver payloads to the Moon", NASA said when announcing the initial request for proposals.

'Using these services, the agency will accelerate a robotic return to Moon, with upcoming missions targeted for two to three years earlier than previously planned, ' NASA has previously said.

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