Amazon Unveils Quantum Ledger Database and Managed Blockchain Services

Amazon Enters Blockchain With Managed Blockchain & Quantum Ledger

Amazon Enters Blockchain With Managed Blockchain & Quantum Ledger

Last year, there were several rumors of Amazon Web Services (AWS) transitioning to the blockchain.

CEO Andy Jassy said his company has spent a decent amount of time understanding why customers want blockchain rather than just a database, denying during his AWS re:Invent keynote that AWS was avoiding heading down the distributed ledger path.

In his keynote, Jassy said none of the hybrid options now available provide a truly consistent hybrid experience.

The new service, called Outposts, lets users choose between on premises servers and storage, which they can order in quarter, half, and full rack units. The organization is also developing three new strategic platforms on AWS-NAB Services Cloud, NAB Data Hub, and NAB Discovery Cloud-that will allow teams across NAB to innovate at a faster rate, mine, and monetize data more effectively, and improve productivity with a clear line of sight into the customer experience.

AWS customers can combine these capabilities to build exciting applications that might use image recognition to identify and protect endangered animals, machine learning to predict faulty construction or industrial systems, or analytics to estimate oil production or assess agriculture yields in real time. IBM, Google, and Microsoft are competing with the AWS for the business as the company moves their workloads from the traditional data centers to the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a pioneer in cloud computing that has revolutionized entire economic sectors around the world, has entered the space and satellite market with the introduction of its Ground Station concept that is, in essence, a ground station as-a-service product for the global market.

That infrastructure is installed, managed, maintained, and supported by AWS, but pricing and specifics on specs are still light on the ground at this point ahead of a 2019 rollout.

Unlike existing blockchain technologies that require custom development to extract blockchain network activity data, Amazon Managed Blockchain makes it easy to replicate transactions to Amazon QLDB.

AWS Lake Formation makes it easier for customers to build a secure data lake by simplifying and automating numerous complex manual steps usually required, including collecting, cleaning, and Catalogueing data.

"The AWS native variant of AWS Outposts allows you to use the same exact APIs and control plane you use in the AWS cloud, but on-premises", AWS wrote on its website. "So, we tried to reimagine what customers really wanted when running in hybrid mode, and developed AWS Outposts".

AWS presaged the launch of the new service earlier this month when it announced that its Amazon Comprehend, along with Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate, were HIPAA eligible services. Azure Stack was initially available on hardware from Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo. "As a result, they can misprice, over-promise and under-execute".

And the AMB will likely take on such levels of popularity, given the company's stature as a trusted service provider. When asked whether the Outposts technology will eventually be able to run on data center equipment from the likes of Dell and HPE, Jassy said, "it's possible". Enterprises are risk-averse and are cautious about moving from vendors and structures they have had in place for years.

Once the satellite data is downlinked AWS offers clients a range of streaming, processing, analytic, and storage options.

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