Trump backs use of 'very safe' tear gas on crowd of migrants

American migrants

American migrants

She and hundreds of other Central American migrants were blocked by Mexican police and staged a protest in front of the border, some rushing the U.S fence.

"I will tell you, politically speaking, that issue is a total victor", he told Politico.

A chaotic border clash with choking tear gas fired by US agents left Central American migrants sullen and dejected, with some opting Monday to leave and others worrying the incident may have spoiled their chances at asylum. The network is the largest USA owner of local TV stations by number of outlets.

About 300 active-duty troops were moved to California during the last few days to bolster border protection as a large caravan of migrants hoping to seek asylum in the United States masses in Tijuana, Mexico, according to the Army.

"We ran, but when you run the gas asphyxiates you more", Honduran Ana Zuniga told the Associated Press.

"We are asking that they be relocated", Rodriguez said, noting that some migrants had approached the school grounds to ask children for money and use the school's bathrooms.

"If they're launching tear gas", Castillo said, "it's better to head somewhere else".

It is wearing thin for the thousands of Central American migrants camped out in Tijuana next to the USA border, and for the city's residents, some of whom are demanding those migrants be sent home.

After an incident at the southern border that saw U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents deploy tear gas against men, women and children seeking amnesty, Mexican officials are seeking answers about the use of these tactics.

Scott also defended the agents' decisions to fire tear gas into Mexico, saying they were being assaulted by "a hail of rocks". "Trump said it was "ridiculous" that "a$3 baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits" despite being born to non-residents on American soil". "So some people got rocks and threw them because many kids were fainting", he said.

The President also told Politico that he "was in no mood" to reach a compromise with Democrats on a large-scale immigration deal and wants to wait to form a compromise on "Dreamers" - undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children - until after current court challenges to the program are decided.

However, the use of tear gas is legal within the confines of the US and may be used by police and federal law enforcement.

Ebrard's statements came as anxious Tijuana residents closed down a school next to a sports complex where thousands of migrants have been camped out for two weeks. "There was a rumor that they were going to evict us".

On the U.S. side, 69 people were arrested for illegally crossing the border, CBP said.

In terms of the demographic profile of unauthorized migrants, even before Trump took office there had been a decline in the number of illegal immigrants from Mexico. On one hand, he said he is frustrated with those who are potentially putting children in harm's way by bringing them to the border not knowing what they will face. Others said they would try to remain in Mexico, and find jobs in Tijuana.

Mexico's Interior Ministry said Monday that 98 migrants would be deported following the incident. The country's Interior Department said about 500 people attempted to rush the border, while US authorities put the number at 1,000. But as the president has repeatedly said, they have to do it the legal way.

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