As far as Russian Federation knows, the Trump-Putin meeting is still on

Ukrainian naval vessels seized by Russia in international waters on November 25

Ukrainian naval vessels seized by Russia in international waters on November 25

On Sunday, Russian forces seized three Ukrainian ships off the coast of the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Moscow in 2014.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin said the clash between Russian and Ukrainian military ships was a result of foreign nation's failing to hold Kiev accountable for bad behavior as long as it remains confrontational towards Russia.

He told the news agency the new S-400 system for Crimea had undergone successful testing and was ready to be deployed.

Lavrov said Ukrainian warships had ignored maritime law when they tried to enter the Kerch Strait, aiming to create a scandal for domestic political purposes and United States encouragement for such acts "saddens me greatly".

Mr Trump is also set meet with Chinese president Xi Jinping over dinner this weekend, in what may be a pivotal session in determining if and how the ongoing trade dispute between their two countries could be resolved.

Putin on Tuesday warned Ukraine against any "reckless acts" after Kiev declared martial law in response to Moscow's seizure of the navy vessels.

Russia accused the sailors, who were manning three Ukrainian navy ships, of illegally entering Russian waters and ignoring warnings from Russian border guards, charges Ukraine has denied.

One say Putin said that the collapse of the URSS was the biggest geopolitical tragedy of the XX century. Russian Federation says the boats illegally entered its waters, but Ukraine denies that.

Russian news agencies cited Vadim Astafyev, a spokesman for Russia's southern military district, as saying that a new battalion of S-400 missiles would be delivered to Crimea soon and become operational by the end of the year.

While Russian forces occupied Crimea before the takeover and are heavily involved in the war in eastern Ukraine, according to Kyiv and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the clash in the Black Sea near Crimea was the first case in which Russia has acknowledged its military or law enforcement forces have fired on Ukrainians.

Kyiv has moved to declare martial law, which Putin dismissed as an attempt to influence popular sentiment in Ukraine ahead of the country's elections in March 2019.

The two leaders are expected to address the mounting tensions between the Kremlin and Ukraine.

The comments were his strongest to date in condemnation of Russia's recent actions in Ukraine, where tensions are flaring.

"We don't have any other information from [U.S. officials]", he said when asked about Trump's comments.

Austria, which now holds the rotating European Union presidency, has said the bloc will consider further sanctions against the Kremlin at an upcoming meeting.

"I don't think he should meet one-on-one, and it's [for] a list of reasons", the senator said. It makes the Ukrainian leadership complacent, gives them no incentive to do normal political work in their country or pursue a normal economic policy.

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