Instagram is cracking down on fake followers and likes

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With people becoming increasingly willing to use services that allow them to get fake likes, followers, and comments, Instagram is finally taking action.

Even if you've never actually used one of these services to artificially inflate the popularity of a post or profile on Instagram, it sounds like you may still see this notice. Not all of those come from real people, however, and Instagram has had enough with users' shenanigans and is putting an end to it, a recent blog post informs us.

Accounts identified as having used third-party apps to generate inauthentic activity will receive an in-app message notifying them that the activity has been removed.

Instagram is cracking down on fake accounts. "It is our responsibility to ensure these experiences aren't disrupted by inauthentic activity". The company announced that it's kicking off a clean-up drive to remove bots and fake accounts from its platform, and that may well lead to a drop in your follower count.

These services often require users to hand over their private log in information, something Instagram warns violates its community guidelines and compromises individual security. "We're removing activity like new followers from these apps to protect our community from inauthentic activity". Basically, if Instagram prompts you to change your password, you should listen to it.

With #FakeNews as a headlining topic due to Trump comments, social media has been filled with non-credible misinformation, and Instagram wants to avoid further issues. Instagram has always been fighting unauthentic activity on its platform by taking out fake accounts, but it has not taken similar action against false likes before.

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