Boeing’s safety analyses under review after deadly Lion Air crash

Governance       Boeing didn’t warn of 737 feature tied to deadly crash US pilots say
       	        Alan Levin and Mary Schlangenstein         13 November 2018

Governance Boeing didn’t warn of 737 feature tied to deadly crash US pilots say Alan Levin and Mary Schlangenstein 13 November 2018

Dr. Rio Nanda Pratama, was Intan Syari's fiancé who was among 189 people who were killed when the Boeing 737 crashed on October 29 shortly after taking off from Jakarta.

Safety experts involved in the investigation said United States aviation officials and airline pilots hadn't been told the new system had been added to the 737 MAX aircraft.

Earlier in November, Boeing a safety update to pilots flying the 737 MAX airliner, and warned of a possible fault in a sensor that could send the aircraft into a violent nosedive.

"This airplane went through thousands of hours of tests and evaluations, certification, working with the pilots, and we've been very transparent on providing information and being fully cooperative on the investigative activity".

In this case, an AOA malfunction could cause the plane's computers to detect a stall incorrectly and put the plane into a dive when it should climb instead.

This device can then force the plane downwards to avoid a stall, but to such a degree that pilots can't pull the aircraft back level.

The Allied Pilots Association says while there are no immediate safety concerns about the Boeing 737 MAX "the fact that this hasn't been told to pilots before calls into question what other info should we know about this aircraft".

US pilot unions later said they were not aware of the new anti-stall system.

The system was created to prevent the jet from stalling, according to information provided by Boeing to airlines. After that Intan couldn't hold them in any more. The company said Monday it is confident in the safety of the 737 Max family of jets, a message echoed Tuesday by Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg.

"The FAA is not doing a safety probe separate from the ongoing Lion Air accident investigation of which we, the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) and Indonesian officials are a part", the agency said in an emailed statement.

"The companies and the pilots should have been informed", Jon Weaks, president of the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, Bloomberg.

Critics point to Boeing's attempt to limit airlines' transition costs-and stay competitive-as the reason it failed to impart crucial safety data.

Pilots can stop this automated response by pressing two buttons if the system behaves unexpectedly, the directive said.

As speculation continues as to whether the flight-control system was indeed to blame for the fatal crash in Indonesia, authorities are still searching for the aircraft's black box, which could contain information on what exactly was going on in the cockpit at the time of the crash. It does this by gathering data from the plane's pitot tube and the static port, which essentially compare differentials in the air pressure to arrive at the plane's speed and the altitude.

The plane, bound for Pangkal Pinang, crashed on October 29, just 13 minutes after it took off from Jakarta. "People panicked. It dropped about 400 feet", passenger Robbi Gaharu said.

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