Democrats have a plan if Trump fires Mueller in 'Saturday Night Massacre'

Democratic candidate Harley Rouda defeated Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in California's 48th congressional district

Democratic candidate Harley Rouda defeated Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher in California's 48th congressional district

The expected "thumping" and "shellacking" - terms deployed respectively by George W. Bush and Barack Obama to describe their party's major midterm defeats - didn't materialize.

Democrats have called for investigations of Cabinet officials' alleged misuse of taxpayer funds, Trump's immigration policies that have separated hundreds of migrant children from their parents at the U.S. The president responded: "Too bad, Mike". Democrats were able to ride opposition to Trump to wins in more Democratic-leaning states like NY and deep-red states like Oklahoma.

With three more committee members running for other offices, come January, half of the 24 Republicans who wrote the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will no longer be in Congress.

In Virginia, political newcomer Jennifer Wexton defeated two-term GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock.

Trump, as he did throughout the campaign, also blamed the media for sowing division in the country and insisted they were to blame for the scene unfolding in the East Room.

Still, there are plenty of reasons for caution for Democrats. But Trump, who is preternaturally connected to the GOP base - for a NY businessman, in particular - understands that many Americans are deeply concerned about events like the migrant caravan.

In Ohio, Republicans came out on top in the governor's race and a handful of other statewide offices. The GOP did add to its majority in the Senate.

The victories are sure to reinforce the mandate of a president who nationalized the midterm elections by rallying his supporters to vote for Republicans as though his "America First" agenda was on the ballot.

'Seeing as The House of Representatives have the power to impeach, the Democrats now have the numbers to push it through if they can find just cause. That includes the late John McCain (R-Ariz.), of course, but also Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), both of whom are retiring. "Trump connected to the workers. So that'll be a big discussion that we will begin to have immediately upon our return". More than 40 million Americans had already voted, either by mail or in person, breaking early voting records across 37 states, according to an AP analysis.

Republicans found comfort in a series of Senate gains.

The area's white and vastly rural profile outside Cincinnati is part of what is expected to keep OH from springing back easily for Democrats, Hamilton County Republican Chairman Alex Triantafilou said.

However, overall, just 24 percent of the respondents said that impeaching Trump was among their first three goals for the new Congress. "There's definitely a turnout benefit to talking to conservatives the way Trump has".

Trump's show of support for Pelosi is not entirely out of character.

Governorships also didn't switch hands to the Democrats in the volume they had hoped for, including the insurgent candidate Andrew Gillum in Florida being held off by Trump acolyte Ron DeSantis. Bill Nelson trailing Republican Rick Scott.

Trump had noted the energy as he wrapped up a punishing schedule of rallies around the country that were meant to boost Republican candidates - and his own brand heading towards reelection in 2020.

Finally, in many states Republicans flagrantly cheated in addition to their gerrymandering.

But in Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams - who was hoping to become the first black female governor in the USA - refused to concede as her Republican opponent Brian Kemp took a commanding lead after a bitter campaign.

"There are some assumptions about states Democratic presidential candidates will visit that are being truly reconsidered", Democratic strategist Anita Dunn said. It reflects a fear that whether talking about the United Nations or global treaties like the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the Paris climate change agreement, US sovereignty is threatened by bureaucrats overseas.

"If that happens, we will do the same thing and government comes to a halt and I'll blame them", Trump told reporters.

Trump himself lauded the Republican electoral gains, saying on Twitter: "Tremendous success tonight".

"The people that ran that way won in those tough places", Bennett added, "and the people who didn't run that way lost nearly everywhere".

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the GOP leader who will have to forge a partnership with Mrs. Pelosi, said they worked together when they were both senior members of foreign operations appropriations subcommittees in their respective chambers.

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