U.S. midterms battleground states: These are the election races to watch

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The comments came as Trump prepared for a final, three-state rally blitz as he tries to keep Congress in Republican control and stave off losses that could profoundly change his presidency.

The elections on 6 November to the 435-member Congress and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate will decide if the Republican party, which Trump represents, continues to control legislation in both Houses or whether it will go into the hands of the Democrats.

Public opinion polls and analysts suggest that opposition Democrats have an advantage in the battle for control of the House of Representatives.

FILE - A woman arrives at a polling station in Lark Community Center as early voting for midterm elections started, in McAllen, Texas, Oct. 22, 2018. Those who won't - and a numerical majority are expected to reject the GOP - are already suspect in the eyes of the Trump establishment. The true test, though, will be if Democrats can garner enough support for voters to show up at the polls.

Despite consistency in the polls throughout the summer and fall, neither party is taking their chances on survey data in light of shock results from the presidential election of 2016. But the Democrats want to abolish ICE.

"You know, Trump could have put out his own version of "Morning in America" ads and tried to ride the economy to the midterms, but I think Trump realized he's not on the ballot, even though he is". And that is an invasion. He said Democrats encouraged chaos at the borders because it was good politics.

"In one corner would be the class warfare Sanders wing, and in another would be the intersectional, social issues left, and in a third would be the establishment Liberals", Baer said. "That is an invasion of our country".

Discussion about the possibility of impeaching the President is also likely to grow louder in a Democratic-controlled House, despite the fact that Democratic congressional leaders have tried to tamp down on speculation that the party might pursue impeachment - at least at this point. But one factor that could complicate things for GOP leaders is that most rank-and-file lawmakers have never served in the minority and are likely to be frustrated at how little they can do to stop bills through committees or on the House floor.

"The character of our country is on the ballot", former president Barack Obama said on Twitter on Monday. When you participate in the political process, you can be a check on bad behavior.

"You can hold the president accountable and say you'll fix health care at the same time", Mack said.

"The only check right now on the behaviour of these Republicans is you and your vote", Obama told supporters in Gary, Indiana, during a rally for endangered Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly. (She is now the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee and could become chairwoman after the election.) He has previously referred to her as a "low-IQ individual" and at events the weekend before the midterm election sarcastically called her "legendary" and "genius". "I think there will be no difference here". But several critical state governor positions may go to the Democrats. "That is particularly true when a president is unpopular, as this president is".

Unusually steep totals for Republicans, Democrats and Independents have surged this year, all propelled by voting for or against President Trump and his policies.

It makes these midterm elections extremely hard to predict.

While no demographic group expressed more than 70 percent faith in democracy, some demographics were substantially more likely to express it than others.

"The question is whether the Democrats win control of the House by 10, 20 seats or more", veteran pollster Peter Hart told Fairfax Media.

A inquiry into the Russian Federation investigation, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, could be ordered by the House Judiciary Committee to determine if "impeachable" offences were committed by Trump, he said.

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