The full Destiny 2 game is free on PC until November 18

The full Destiny 2 game is free on PC until November 18

The full Destiny 2 game is free on PC until November 18

BlizzCon 2018 is now in full swing and just before the opening ceremony for the show, Bungie's very own Stevie Cotton appeared to make an exciting Destiny 2 announcement. But for those of you who are still hesitant, there is now no barrier to jumping in and trying it out. Celebrating a year of Destiny 2 on, Activision announced today that the PC version is free (as in, you own it) from now through November 18. Existing players will get an "exclusive in-game emblem".

Destiny 2 launched on Xbox and PS4 on September 6th of a year ago, followed by its PC launch through on October 24th. Between this and the relaunch of its refer-a-friend scheme, Bungie is clearly shoring up its playerbase. Destiny 2 is Bungie's shooter which has slowly recovered after a rocky launch due to limited chat.

What's more, the free copy also comes with a gift players will be able to grab in addition. The publisher claims Destiny 2 shipped the most launch units in its history and received "global acclaim".

That's right, the entire game is free as a special Blizzcon present to anyone watching at home and you don't even need to own the Virtual Ticket to get your hands on it. This is no "free two week trial" either; download the game before then, and it's yours to keep forever.

For those new members on will have the opportunity to claim Destiny 2 as a "free gift". It doesn't include the DLC, and obviously Activision and Bungie are crossing their fingers that gamers will pony up for the Forsaken expansion after getting their feet wet in the main campaign.

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