Woman found 6 days after crash near Wickenburg, DPS says

Woman found 6 days after crash near Wickenburg, DPS says

Woman found 6 days after crash near Wickenburg, DPS says

They didn't find anyone in it, but they did notice human traces leading towards the Hassayampa river bed.

She remained in the auto for several days before venturing out to try to find help, the Associated Press reported.

Seriously injured from the crash, the woman remained in the vehicle for several days before climbing out and trying to walk to a nearby railway line for help, the DPS reported.

A 53-year-old woman survived six days in the Arizona desert on grass and water after crashing her vehicle, before being rescued by a rancher and highway workers who were chasing a cow, police and local media said on Wednesday.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the 53-year-old woman crashed through the fence near milepost 117 on October 12 and fell 50 feet.

'I said, "There's tracks right off the edge of the road through the fence,"' Zach Moralez, a highway operations technician, told The Associated Press.

An Arizona highway maintenance team were guiding stray cows when they noticed a damaged fence followed by the vehicle stuck on top of a tree, rescuers said.

"We started asking her a bunch of questions: 'How long have you been here?"

She survived on grass and water during the ordeal, police said. "Do you have any pain?'"

"There were no apparent witnesses to the crash and it would be six days before the woman would be discovered by authorities", the troopers said.

The 53-year-old woman's vehicle went off the road, smashing through a fence and landing in a tree, where she remained suspended for days.

She tried to walk toward railroad tracks to find help, but didn't make it.

Officials did not identify the women or provide any further details about her injuries or the cause of the accident.

But she was too weak to make it.

But she never made it to the tracks.

Col. Frank Milstead, of DPS, said that "everyone involved" with aiding the stranded woman "is exemplary and to be commended".

"Due to their outstanding efforts, this woman's life was saved", Colonel Milstead said.

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