Fist fight led to bus plunging into China river, police say

The driver of the bus is hit by a passenger. Pic China Daily

The driver of the bus is hit by a passenger. Pic China Daily

The bus was retrieved from the river on Wednesday, and investigators were able to obtain the footage from the vehicle's surveillance system. The bus drove off the bridge, which is 160 feet above the river.

Police in China released dashcam footage of the fatal bus crash. Four passengers who got off the bus confirmed that a 48-year-old woman argued with the driver because she had missed her stop. When he refused, she became enraged and struck him, leading him to lose control of the vehicle, according to police.

According to a report and video that surfaced, a bus traveling through the Chongqinq section of China veered off a bridge after the bus driver and a passenger got into an altercation.

The driver turned his head to face her several times in the argument.

As the quarrel escalated, the statement said, the woman hit the driver on the head with her mobile phone.

The driver hits back, and then inexplicably turns the wheel a full turn in a leftward direction, with the bus veering across the four-lane bridge, into an oncoming auto, through the bridge barrier and into the water. The driver responds with a blow of his own and then grapples with the woman briefly before suddenly sharply turning the wheel to the left, causing the bus to crash into oncoming traffic, smash through a wall, and fall into the Yangzte as passengers scream in terror.

The statement concluded that both the passenger and the driver had broken laws for seriously endangering public safety.

Police said on Friday, Nov. 2, 2018, a brawl between a passenger and a bus driver was the cause of the bus plunging off a bridge and killing more than a dozen people in southwestern China on Sunday.

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