Chevy is building an electric drag racing Camaro

Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro concept

Chevrolet eCOPO Camaro concept

The eCOPO was developed in a partnership with Hancock and Lane Racing and Patrick McCue, who is involved with both an electric drag racing team in the Seattle area and the Bothell High School's Automotive Technology program. The electric motor used is based on a pair of BorgWarner HVH 250-150 motor assemblies that each generate 300 lb-ft of torque.

The big news for electric vehicle fans though is that the concept uses GM's first application of an 800-volt electrical system, which should allow charging in as little as 10 to 15 minutes, though the company did not reveal the capacity of the battery pack. "Eight hundred volts is more than twice the voltage of the battery packs in the production Chevrolet Volt and Bolt EV, so the eCOPO pushes into new technological territory", says O'Blenes.

Chevy trusts that the eCOPO Camaro can achieve a quarter mile in less than 10 seconds. This battery allows more efficient power transfer to the motor and faster recharging (especially important in the short down time between races).

After partnering up with electric drag racing team Hancock and Lane Racing, Chevy began its work with the standard 2019 COPO Camaro drag auto. The eCOPO's electric motor is capable of producing over 700 horsepower.

The motor assembly is created to bolt directly to most GM automatic transmissions. In fact, Chevy actually uses a "race-prepped" Turbo 400 automatic transmission in the eCOPO and retains the factory-appointed location of the transmission and all other driveshaft components.

The new COPO Camaro will be a special edition auto and only 69 will be made.

"The possibilities are intriguing and suggest a whole new world for racers", said in a statement Russ O'Blenes, GM's performance parts director. The roll cage has also been extended to surround the batteries as well, just for that extra bit of protection. For years, Chevy has been one of the preferred suppliers of crate engines for tuners across the US, so why not envision a market for electric crate motors?

Chevrolet has brought an electrifying surprise to SEMA 2018 by presenting a battery-powered concept version of its COPO Camaro to attendees. "We're not there yet, but it's something we're exploring".

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