Trump is Coming to Cleveland Monday to Host a Pre-Election Rally

Immigrants fighting for their rights

Immigrants fighting for their rights

US President Donald Trump and his team is leaving no stone unturned to campaign in favour of his Republican party ahead of the crucial November 6 mid-term polls which will decide the balance of powers in the Congress over next two years.

In the latest sign of just how nationalized the race for Florida governor has become, former President Barack Obama will join Democrats Andrew Gillum and U.S. Sen.

The Florida Democratic Party said RSVP information for Friday's Miami rally will be available in the coming days.

With days to go before Election Day, Trump is seeking to boost Republicans in the face of Democratic enthusiasm. Nelson is running against Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Trump's campaign said Sunday that he will hold rallies in Florida and West Virginia later this week.

Trump already plans to host a MAGA (that's Make America Great Again) rally in Fort Myers on October 31.

The FiveThirtyEight House poll that analyzes all the major 2018 election polls to provide a statistical probability of the Democrats flipping 23 Republican seats to gain control of the House, now predicts a 86.4 percent chance the Democrats will win a majority, with an estimated net gain of 40 Congressional seats. They previously announced a rally in Fort Myers, Florida on Wednesday. Central time Saturday at Pensacola International Airport, according to his campaign organization.

Gillum's campaign didn't respond when the Miami Herald asked last week if Obama would stump with the Florida gubernatorial candidate, who last week appeared with Hillary Clinton at fundraisers. The midterms are also often seen as a referendum on the president's performance.

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