Get This Red Dead Redemption 2 Free PS4 Theme , Download Link Within

Get This Red Dead Redemption 2 Free PS4 Theme , Download Link Within

Get This Red Dead Redemption 2 Free PS4 Theme , Download Link Within

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. Yet, sometimes you'll want to just get to another place without any fuss, especially if you are traveling across the map.

"Red Dead Online is a new online connected experience set against the backdrop of Red Dead Redemption 2's enormous open world", Rockstar confirms.

Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't all gunfire and equestrian acrobatics, you know. You'll have to pick and inspect each mushroom first, but to feed them to your pony, simply select it from the horse wheel in your quick menu while mounted, and release L1/Left Trigger to offer them up. Not only do Elite Handling horses have hearty stamina pools, they're also no slouches when it comes to speed.

And even if you're already tens of hours in, it's worth ensuring you haven't missed out on these pointers and awesome gameplay moments. You won't naturally come by Saint Denis until Chapter 4, but there's nothing stopping you from heading there earlier.

The game lets people decide their own journey for outlaw Arthur Morgan, but you're always likely to face a few difficulties that could lead to you getting a bounty on your head. Players only need to collect one debt to unlock camp upgrades, but they will still need to hunt down the other debtors eventually. This is marked by a signpost icon on your map, so head there if you are having trouble finding your local driver. Using the cash from the tithing box and Arthur's personal funds, players can purchase a variety of upgrades for the camp that will improve their medicine supplies, ammunition, food, and more.

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