I am puzzled by US' unprovoked moves: Putin

Donald Trump repeated his accusation that Russia is in breach of a Cold War-era missile control treaty

Donald Trump repeated his accusation that Russia is in breach of a Cold War-era missile control treaty

Putin said Russian Federation will be able to quickly deploy intermediate-range missiles if the United States withdraws from the agreement.

"Trust, but verify", intoned the American president to his Soviet counterpart.

That trust proffered in a season of giving is now collapsing.

If the treaties in arms limitation are terminated, there is "nothing left but an arms race", as Russia's President Vladimir Putin said at the press conference with Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Kremlin's press office reported. "But Russia has not, unfortunately, honored the agreement".

The Trump administration's 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), a yearly report that "determines the role of nuclear weapons" in United States security policy, cites concerns over "negative trends in the security environment", shared by its European Union allies, as a reason for a more aggressive nuclear policy in Europe. "We're gonna pull out". China wasn't a party to the treaty.

The agreement halts Washington from creating further nuclear weapons. It required the inspection and destruction of that entire category of nuclear weapons, thousands of them.

The US claims that Russian Federation is violating the INF deal by building missiles that it prohibits. On the contrary, I believe that after some time, we might lose the second treaty, New START, too, due to such an approach of the USA side.

On Tuesday, U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton told reporters in Moscow that Washington hasn't yet supplied Russian Federation with official notification that it intends to withdraw from the historic arms treaty, but said such a move would be coming "in due course".

He said that, based on US estimates and Russia's reluctance to discuss the missile system with NATO, "the most plausible explanation is that Russian Federation is in violation of the treaty".

Trump's decision follows a broader push within his administration to leave worldwide compacts large and small, including the Paris climate accord, the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and the Universal Postal Union treaty. All the agreements aimed at nuclear disarmament and limitation of nuclear arms must be preserved to save life on Earth'. "But he echoed Trump's assertions of Russian violations of the pact, suggesting that no progress was made to ease the impasse during Bolton's talks with top Russian officials including President Vladimir Putin". This bears the hallmarks of John Bolton, who took over as White House National Security Adviser in August and who's long advocated abrogating the INF.

"We barely respond to any of your steps but they keep on coming", he jokily complained to Bolton.

Putin rejected Trump's claim that Russian Federation has breached the INF treaty, alleging it was the United States that violated the pact. "This should have been done years ago".

After its signing in 1987, the INF "helped rachet down the U.S". According to the U.S. Department of Defense, Chinese leaders seem committed to increasing such spending even as its economy slows. Might they, too, be in peril?

Yes. One at risk is the 2002 Open Skies Treaty, which allows Russian Federation and the United States to fly spy planes over each other's territory and share the intelligence they gather.

"We certainly share your view that the U.S".

Abandoning the treaty and the failure to extend another key arms control agreement known as the New START would unleash a new arms race, he warned.

Bolton also said that China's cyberattacks against the United States made Russian Federation seem like the "junior partner".

More broadly, there appears to be a major pivot underway in US arms control policy. It has been credited with largely eliminating nuclear weapons in Europe.

"The President believes that the next bilateral meeting with President Putin should take place after the Russian Federation witch hunt is over, so we've agreed that it will be after the first of the year", Bolton said in a statement at the time.

That would add to the military options available to the United States - which can already carry out precise strikes globally - in the event of a conflict between America and China, they added.

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