Trump Agrees With then-Senator Obama's Illegal Immigration Assessment

Democrat Gary Witt canvasses a Las Vegas suburb urging people to vote ahead of the November midterm election

Democrat Gary Witt canvasses a Las Vegas suburb urging people to vote ahead of the November midterm election

'When you hear all this talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started it, ' Obama said. Remember who started it. They make it harder for young people, and minorities and the poor to vote, and that entrenches their power further, he said.

Republicans in Congress "bend over backwards" instead of being 'a check or a balance on this kind of corrupt politics, ' the former president said.

The caravan, at least 1,000 miles away, comes on the heels of a surge in apprehensions of families at the border, which has rankled Trump but has also given him a fresh talking point to rally his base ahead of the midterm elections just two weeks away.

Obama's visit to the battleground state follows visits over the weekend by his former Vice President Joe Biden and a rally by President Donald Trump.

One of her supporters, Malerie Stanley, who arrived more than three hours before the rally to ensure she would get inside, said women's rights was the key issue for her in the midterms. "You know what, it was not done for you". Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen is challenging Republican incumbent Dean Heller, the only Republican senator up for re-election in a state that Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

On Twitter, President Trump said, "I agree with President Obama 100%!" and posted a video of Obama speaking his mind on illegal immigration.

Rosen, a first-term congresswoman, is seen as one of Democrats' best opportunities to flip control of a Senate seat, though the party faces slim chances of taking control of the Senate. "I think you should like, actually say to people what's true", he added with a smile.

He was met with loud cheers at the arena at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Politico reported that Obama also said it would be "profoundly dangerous" to not vote on November 6 and it would be a "bad bet" to keep Republicans in power in the Senate and the House.

At the Monday rally, though, Hispanic voters said they felt anything but disengaged.

"I don't believe in just making stuff up", said Obama, constantly urging his listeners to get out and vote to make sure that the progressive changes he implemented - but many of which Trump and congressional Republicans are trying to undo - were consolidated.

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