Brexit: Irish warn against backstop backtracking

Theresa May

Theresa May

But Britain says that is unacceptable because it would mean checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

The Prime Minister was on Mondya accused by Eurosceptic Tory MPs of "surrender" as they suggested in the Commons that she does not have a Brexit plan and "know where we're going".

Theresa May must clarify if the proposed extension to the Brexit transition period serves as an alternative to the EU's demand for a backstop, Sammy Wilson has said.

Updating the House, the Prime Minister told MPs that "95 per cent of the Withdrawal Agreement and its protocols are now settled", but added the "considerable sticking point" of the backstop had yet to be agreed.

In a bid to break the deadlock over the backstop issue, Downing Street has suggested that the United Kingdom as a whole could remain in a country-wide customs arrangement with the European Union for a short time.

"While we agree that it would be in both sides' interest to avoid the worst disruption in the event of an exit without a withdrawal agreement, we note that the Exiting the EU Committee has questioned the government's approach of expecting there to be sufficient time and political goodwill to negotiate bilateral contingency measures", said the Scrutiny Committee report.

Gibraltar, a British overseas territory located at the tip of the Iberian peninsula and regularly claimed by Spain, will leave the European Union along with the UK.

LONDON - Theresa May will begin another unsafe week pleading with her MPs for more time to complete Brexit negotiations after Cabinet ministers revolted further against plans in a late-night phone call on Sunday.

Theresa May insisted that with "95%" of the Brexit deal concluded it is time to "hold our nerve" through the last weeks of negotiations, as she defended her handling of the Brexit negotiations to MPs on Monday (22 October). "I see any extension, or being in any form of backstop, as undesirable".

She called on MPs to "hold their nerve" as the United Kingdom entered the final stages of the negotiations, and she rejected calls for a second referendum on a Brexit deal.

"May also rejected calls for a second referendum on Brexit, describing it as "a politicians" vote". "The Brexit mood music remains negative for the Pound, which could fall more sharply if a leadership challenge materialises in the coming months", says Hardman in a briefing to clients.

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has suggested the United Kingdom could agree to extending the transition phase - the period when the United Kingdom continues to abide by European Union rules post-Brexit - as a way to replace the need for an Irish backstop.

However, she came under fire from critics on all sides in the Commons after she confirmed that she could accept a short extension to the transition period after the United Kingdom leaves in order to secure a final settlement.

Steve Baker is hoping to bolt his proposal onto a bill being taken through Westminster by Ms Bradley focused on making it easier for civil servants to take major decisions in Northern Ireland in the ongoing absence of devolved ministers.

Downing Street told CNN it would not be commenting on Mercer's interview.

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