Trump Rallies in Elko

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump

The rally took place as early voting began Saturday and shortly before Trump's rally several hundred miles away in rural Elko, Nevada.

It's been a busy week for President Trump, much of it filled with massive Make America Great Again rallies.

After witnessing the lengths to which Democrats will go to ensure they remain in office, it seems most voters will head into the elections in November knowing that political pandering will not buy their vote. "No matter how old or young you are, you have never participated in an election that is as consequential as this election national and locally".

Bevan said that since "there's no escaping politics in our everyday lives", Americans are more tuned-in than ever before.

The president wants to focus on immigration as one of the defining election issues.

He said the GOP candidate for governor, former U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, is a Trump acolyte.

The rally outside the union hall north of the Las Vegas Strip included appearances from comedian Billy Eichner and a mariachi band and came as two weeks of early voting kicked off in the state.

"That's called hashtag", he said to the crowd. "That's a hot one".

Biden says America was built on basic fundamental decency and "it is being shredded right now".

He is campaigning for a mix of House, Senate and gubernatorial candidates, who as Stepien puts it, "are echoing the president's message and the policy successes of these last two years - more jobs; better paying jobs; safer, more secure borders - most boldly, most proudly". "It's all about Donald".

"Anybody who votes for a Democrat now is insane", Trump said. The war over Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh accelerated partisan mobilization already underway in fierce battles for pivotal House and Senate seats. The later faced allegations of decades-old sexual assault during his confirmation hearings, prompting impassioned Senate hearings and fraught votes.

What propels the overall Democratic edge is a widening Trump-era gender gap.

Heller and Rosen held their first and only debate of the campaign on Friday.

Blinded by extreme partisanship, hungry for power and obsessed with tax cuts and environmental and financial deregulation, the Republicans have permitted Trump to recklessly exercise executive power - such as instituting tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum under the bogus guise of protecting USA national security - contrary to their own party's policies and the interests of the citizens they represent.

President Obama had a 47 percent approval rating in advance of the 2010 midterms and the Democrats lost 63 seats in the House.

Trump also used the rally as an opportunity to speak about the caravan of migrants headed for the Southern border, telling supporters that, "The Democrats want caravans".

Moderately vulnerable: a House Republican represents a district that voted between 50-55% for President Trump in 2016 (or a Democrat representing a district President Trump carried with a plurality of the vote).

Additionally, the politics surrounding passing a new tax cut are made more complicated by news this week of the country's ballooning deficit caused at least in some part by the previous tax cut plan passed by congressional Republicans past year.

The Democrats' nine-point lead is among likely voters, who prefer Democratic Congressional candidates over Republicans by that margin. Chuck Schumer of NY and Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California.

RealClearPolitics co-founder Tom Bevan said Monday on Fox & Friends that while interest in the midterms doesn't necessarily translate to votes, the electorate is ready for November.

Trump has also visited Montana and Arizona in recent days as part of his effort to boost Republican turnout for the midterms.

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