Spotify cuts the fat from its Premium app with streamlined overhaul

Spotify Premium Improves Navigation and Search, Adds Artist Radio...

Spotify Premium Improves Navigation and Search, Adds Artist Radio...

Spotify has completely revamped the search experience to be more personalized than ever before.

The company today announced a major upgrade for Spotify Premium that will now offer improved personalization on iOS and Android.

"Endless Artist Radio", as Spotify is calling it, is the most interesting new feature.

Spotify made a few changes to its Premium service in its latest app update, and the coolest new feature is an endless personalized playlist matching your tastes.

The new artist radio feature uses the same algorithms for Discover Weekly and Spotify's other personalised playlists and then creates it for any artist on songs that you choose. "Our redesigned Search page is the new one-stop destination for artists, albums, podcasts, and more-whether the subscriber knows what they're searching for or wants to explore something new", said a Spotify representative. However, do note that the new update is restricted to just Premium members. "At the top of the screen, listeners can find their Top Genres-from indie to country to reggae-and easily discover the music that best reflects them and their mood".

Now, Spotify's expanding this to its Premium subscribers. The endless listening stream is personalized for your musical preferences. Furthermore, the playlists are updated regularly and are also downloadable to listen to while offline. Now, when you open the app, you'll find three tabs: Home, Search, and Your Library. Further, there is a "Your top genres" section at the top of the page, which will change over time based on your current listening habits. "Radio" has been removed, too, with the option available once you search for an artist.

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