PSN direct message bug may be bricking PlayStation 4 consoles

PSN direct message bug may be bricking PlayStation 4 consoles

PSN direct message bug may be bricking PlayStation 4 consoles

The offending messages apparently have the word "Juegas" and a unusual symbol that can't be recognized by the PS4. You can circumvent this by checking all messages via or the PlayStation App, or setting your PSN account privacy to restrict all incoming messages. Sony's PS4 Messaging app is free to download and offered for both iOS and Android devices. During the game, the team members were booted out of the game, after receiving a message on the PlayStation Network with an unrecognised character.

PlayStation 4 users are being warned to set their messages to private due to an exploit making the rounds. As a result, this is being used as an exploit in multiplayer games, where players use a dummy account to send the message to opponents, in turn crashing their console and getting them kicked from the match. The only way to combat the malicious message now is to either turn off messages entirely or only receive messages from people you know and trust. I hope anyone that's affected by this can easily reset their factory settings and get back up and running smoothly.

And you don't even have to open the message for it to happen like your conventional email-spread malware.

Kotaku has reached out to Sony for comment but they did not respond in time for publication.

To do this, you need to go into Account Management in your console settings, find the Privacy Settings subheading and flip the Messaging settings from "Public" to "Friends Only" or "No One".

After the console crashes, users then "have to either rebuild the database in Safe Mode or factory reset the system".

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