IDF Kills Group of Palestinian Terrorists Who Launched Gaza Border Attack

A Palestinian protester uses a slingshot to throw a rock at Israeli forces along the Israel Gaza border east of Gaza city

A Palestinian protester uses a slingshot to throw a rock at Israeli forces along the Israel Gaza border east of Gaza city

On Friday, Gaza health officials said Israeli forces killed seven Palestinians in protests along Gaza's border.

At least 204 Palestinians have been martyred by Israeli fire in Gaza since protests began on March 30.

Israeli forces have killed seven Palestinians during protests in the eastern Gaza Strip near the military fence separating the blockaded Palestinian territory from Israel, Gaza's health ministry said. After it exploded and blew a hole in the fence, some 20 Palestinians came through and ran toward Israeli soldiers stationed in a snipers' position.

Egypt and the United Nations had sought a deal whereby Hamas ended the protests in exchange for an easing of Israel's crippling blockade.

Stone-throwing incidents implicating Israeli settlers have risen of late, the Palestinian security sources added.

Last Sunday, a Palestinian assailant killed two Israelis in a nearby settlement.

Among the 252 Palestinians injured, 154 were shot by gunshots, including 50 children, 10 women, two paramedics and one local journalist. Israel said its troops had shot a group who broke through the fence with a bomb and attacked an army post. Most of the Palestinians were killed during border demonstrations, though others died in air strikes and tank shelling. And on Thursday, a Palestinian man stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier there, raising the possibility of a revenge attack. An Israeli soldier was killed over the same period.

Thousands of Palestinians marched on Friday after convening at five locations along the fence, with Israeli troops responding from across the barrier with tear gas and gunfire.

The fuel deal had been reached without the agreement of the officially recognized Palestinian government, in what diplomats said was a first for Gaza - which is controlled by the rival Palestinian faction, Hamas.

The extremist settlers in the West Bank are carrying out acts attacks on Palestinian citizens, especially in the surrounding villages of Nablus recently, under the eyes and sight Israeli occupation forces, who do not move to prevent or arrest them.

Palestinian Hamas top leader Ismail Haniyeh, waves to protesters during a protest at the Gaza Strip's border with Israel, Friday, Oct. 12, 2018.

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