'Fortnite' (ALL) Deep Freeze Bundle Comes to Retail

'Fortnite' (ALL) Deep Freeze Bundle Comes to Retail

'Fortnite' (ALL) Deep Freeze Bundle Comes to Retail

This bundle launches on the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on November 16th in Europe and North America.

Fortnite's weekly update has finally dropped across all platforms, bringing a new Disco Domination limited-time game mode (LTM), the new Quadlauncher weapon, and more. The Quad Rocket Launcher is available in Epic and Legendary variants, dealing 80/84 base damage per rocket, respectively. The battle royale game has been climbing up the charts to become the world's most popular game (at least by the numbers) and is showing no signs of stopping. You take them over by clearing enemies and dancing to raise a disco ball up from the floor. As time goes on, captured dance floors will fill up the dance meter much faster, allowing teams to catch up quickly. This will begin to raise your team's dance bar, which will be interrupted if an enemy steps on the floor or the storm begins to move.

As the game progresses, the later dance floors will fill the bar quicker, so players should not give up if they fall behind.

Adjustments include a reduced rate at which Storm circles close, an increased score requirement to win, and a change in the last respawn circle. You can't build on or over a dancefloor, but you can surround them with defences.

Epic says Disco Domination uses the same loot and resource levels as other 50v50 modes, but there are some notable wrinkles to be aware of.

Increased Epic Rocket Launcher drop chance from 0.59% to 0.66%.

In addition, the Port-a-Fortress is once again available. Alongside those changes, Bonesy now barks less than before and some console hitches have been fixed. For the latter, this should improve "blurry textures and rendering performance".

Skull Trooper styles have a visual issue when viewing the Outfit from the Locker.

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