Collins' vote on Kavanaugh triggers calls to boycott Maine

The $3 Million Crowdfunding Effort To Unseat Sen. Collins In 2020

The $3 Million Crowdfunding Effort To Unseat Sen. Collins In 2020

A crowdsourcing effort has already amassed $3.6 million for whoever emerges as the Democratic nominee to challenge Collins in 2020.

"What moved me. was a sense of outrage and frustration that somebody who fashions herself a moderate centrist, and somebody who cares for equal rights and LGBT rights and Roe v Wade and all of this stuff, could in a very political fashion not just decide to vote for Kavanaugh but do it in a fashion that was quite dismissive of the concerns of many Americans and many Mainers", Rice said. Fighting allegations of sexual misconduct from three decades ago, he won confirmation by a razor-thin margin on Saturday over the screaming objections of Democrats and women's groups in all corners of the nation.

Still trying to justify her vote against women, Collins later hit the airwaves while doing press interviews.

"On the unfair way Merrill Garland was treated, Susan Collins was silent", King wrote, presumably referring to Merrick Garland, who was nominated to the Supreme Court in 2016 by Barack Obama, and whom the Senate refused to hold a hearing or vote for. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) was openly dismissive and obviously peeved over that argument, which either assumes mistaken identity or Ford's lack of mental acuity.

Rice appeared to walk back the comment after it created significant buzz in national political circles, but a day later, during an appearance at The New Yorker Festival, she said, "My bottom line is that I'm going to give it due consideration, after the midterms". "Anybody watching her testimony would know, I would say, would conclude that she was being very truthful".

Although the campaign began in mid-September, after Collins announced that she would support Kavanaugh Friday in a 45 minute-long speech, donations opposing her re-election poured in. Well, to say that she thinks that Dr. Ford thinks that she was assaulted, what is that?

Kavanaugh's ascendance to the Supreme Court now gives conservatives a working majority that could restrict abortion rights and halt the expansion of the rights of LGBT people. "She didn't stop", Trump said. Anti-Kavanaugh activists have confronted Collins and other GOP or swing-vote senators on Capitol Hill, in encounters caught on video.

Between her faux pro-choice activism and her belittling of survivors, it's no wonder that candidates are lining up now, anxious to remove Collins from office when she is up for reelection in 2020.

A crowdfunding campaign has raised more than $3 million to unseat Sen.

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