Brett Kavanaugh was 'belligerent and aggressive' drinker, Yale classmate says

Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh

According to a report in the New York Times, Kavanaugh was once questioned by police due to his involvement in a bar brawl that left one of the participants injured and hospitalized.

In the New Haven, Connecticut, police department report, a man named Dom Cozzolino said Kavanaugh had thrown ice on him and Kavanaugh's friend Chris Dudley had thrown a glass that hit him in the ear.

Charles Ludington, who was a witness, said a man resembling UB40's lead singer had asked Mr Kavanaugh and his friend Chris Dudley to stop looking at him and used an expletive.

A New York Times report on Monday also seemed to further the narrative that Kavanaugh was known during his Yale days as a heavy drinker.

Judge Kavanaugh's behaviour at Yale is under the spotlight, with Prof Ludington and Mr Dudley among several of his classmates who have recently spoken out. Kavanaugh was cited in the police report as having been supposedly involved in the altercation, along with three other friends during his undergraduate years at Yale. But Kavanaugh's willingness to lie under oath "should have outcome", he said.

Kavanaugh, who has denied allegations of committing sexual misconduct while heavily intoxicated, has seen his past drinking habits come under the microscope in the past week.

The man swung at Kavanaugh, and Dudley struck him with a bottle, Ludington said.

The report got swift pushback from the Trump team, with spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders describing the account in which police investigated Kavanaugh's allegedly drunken violent behavior and he refused to answer their questions as "desperate".

U.S. media report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation spoke with Ms Ramirez, who accuses Judge Kavanaugh of exposing his genitals to her during a college party, on Sunday.

Murphy said on Monday, "I never saw Brett black out or not be able to remember the prior evening's events, nor did I ever see Brett act aggressive, hostile, or in a sexually aggressive manner to women".

"I will say it again, we drank in college".

She replied, "I have no drinking problem". "Not one time", Dudley said. I knew Brett at Yale because I was a classmate and a varsity basketball player and Brett enjoyed socializing with athletes.

The federal judge appeared before the Senate judiciary committee on Thursday after Dr Christine Blasey Ford, a research psychologist, testified that Kavanaugh attempted to rape her when the two were teenagers in the early 1980s. He intends to take his information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday morning, but it's not clear those investigating the Supreme Court nominee will be interested in hearing it.

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