Full Facts, No Spin — FBI’s Kavanaugh Investigation

Christine Blasey Ford Brett Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford Brett Kavanaugh

'We can confirm the FBI has reached out to interview Ms. Ramirez and she has agreed to cooperate with their investigation, ' attorney John Clune said in a tweet.

"This is a farce, not an investigation", MoveOn.org declared in a tweet reacting to NBC's reporting.

Ramirez's allegations, outlined in a report by The New Yorker last Sunday, come on top of the allegations brought against Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford, who in dramatic testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday testified that the judge sexually assaulted her at a high school party more than 30 years ago. But the attorney emphasized that Keyser has no recollection of the party where Ford alleges Kavanaugh assaulted her.

"While I personally believe it is appropriate to proceed with Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation at this time, I recognize that some members feel that additional investigation could be useful", Hatch said in a statement. Both the alleged victim and her alleged assailant were in high school at the time.

"That is - that really - I wanted to use the word farce, but - that's not the kind of investigation that all of us are expecting the FBI to conduct", she continued. Avenatti's client has obtained several top-secret security clearances for her work with the United States government.

However, the White House has reportedly blocked the FBI from investigating Swetnick's claims as officials work to limit the scope of the probe reopened by Trump Friday evening.

Immediately after NBC's story was published on Saturday, commentators and activists immediately began sending the story to Sen.

Also Saturday, White House spokesman Raj Shah said: "The scope and duration has been set by the Senate".

"He and I don't share a lot of political views but we share a deep concern for the health of this institution and what it means to the rest of the world and the country", said Coons, who huddled with Flake before he announced his position. He decried the confirmation process as a "circus".

Key to Ford's charge, which dates back to a party in 1982, are a handful of witnesses that the California psychologist says were present on the night of the alleged attack.

It was helpful on Thursday to hear from Ford and Kavanaugh, as both offered strong, emotional testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the allegations. Committee staff took Mr. [redacted]'s allegation seriously, and asked Judge Kavanaugh numerous questions about it under penalty of felony during an interview on September 25, 2018.

"I said "hello" to him".

Flake's stunning 11th-hour move played out on national television amid heated partisan debate and raucous protests in the halls of the Capitol, where one woman cornered the Arizona senator in an elevator demanding he oppose Kavanaugh, citing her own experience with sexual assault. On Friday, Smyth said through his lawyer that he was "happy" to cooperate with the investigation. Lindsey Graham, a Kavanaugh supporter who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said on ABC's "This Week" that Flake, Maine Republican Sen.

"The Senate is dictating the terms", she said on Fox News Sunday, adding she was not "aware of" any directives from White House Counsel Don McGahn, and adding that senators would need to answer questions about any limits they might have placed.

Leaving the hearing Friday, Sen. Kavanaugh has already been through six Federal Bureau of Investigation background checks during which people he has encountered throughout his life were interviewed.

The FBI's findings will not necessarily become public.

The source reiterated that the agents would make no conclusion about what witnesses tell them and would hand their results over to the White House, which is standard protocol in similar background investigations.

The FBI is expected to produce a final report for the White House, which the administration will then give to the Senate.

At that point, all senators, as well as a very small group of aides, would have access to it.

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