Fortnite 'fesses up: New female character's jiggly bits 'unintended' and 'embarrassing'

Fortnite Season 6 Has Arrived, Includes Pets, Shadow Stones, and New Skins

Fortnite Season 6 Has Arrived, Includes Pets, Shadow Stones, and New Skins

Shadow stones are a new consumable that lays docile in the epicenters of various areas imprinted by the purple cube.

Players can choose a preferred menu music in the locker.

Today officially marks the start of season six of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Every game needs balance and Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, know this well. These new areas contain Shadow Stones, a powerful new item that grants you temporary invisibility (but more on that later).

Shadow Stones allow you to turn invisible, phase through walls and surprise other players. You can't use your weapons when you are invisible, though, which only works when you are stationary.

Original Story - Fortnite Season 6 has continued with the idea of having weekly loading screens which proved so popular in Season 4 and 5.

Continuing with the Halloween theme of Season 6, a spooky looking castle has appeared on top of Haunted Hills in the northwest of the map. Harvest season is now upon us and the corn stalks around Fatal Fields are now fully grown, providing a nice hiding place to surprise enemies. But you can sneak up on your opponents with increased movement speed and jump height, then shoot them in the back once the effect has worn off.

Epic has vaulted the suppressed submachine gun, impulse grenade, light machine gun and remote explosives as well.

The damage on the Double Barrel Shotgun has been reduced.

There's also an inflatable llama that should make for a very interesting mount. As you collect more XP, complete challenges, and level up the battle pass, Calamity gets more elaborate outfits, including a black leather trench coat and spike-lined gloves.

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