'Rather Lenient': Judge Napolitano Weighs in on Bill Cosby's Prison Sentencing

Bill Cosby departs the Montgomery County Courthouse on the first day of sentencing in his sexual assault trial

Bill Cosby departs the Montgomery County Courthouse on the first day of sentencing in his sexual assault trial

Green and the rest of Cosby's attorneys are also hoping that O'Neill will agree to let Cosby stay on house arrest as they attempt to appeal his case, according to an earlier report by TMZ.

It's a reckoning that accusers and prosecutors say has been decades in the making.

On Monday, the judge heard from a state-appointed psychologist who said the designation was necessary because there was a risk of Cosby committing another offense.

Bill Cosby has been sentenced to three to 10 years in jail for sexual assault, at the culmination of the biggest celebrity trial of the #MeToo era.

Steel said that Cosby has "been able to hide his true self" for decades.

Cosby's sentencing hearing is scheduled to wrap up on Tuesday in a courtroom in Norristown, Pennsylvania. As he shuffled by a sea of reporters, the comedian's thin wooden cane was between his handcuffed wrists.

Constand had once looked up to Cosby as a mentor and friend, but the former professional athlete said she found herself helpless as she was drugged and sexually assaulted.

Prison officials will process Cosby at the nearby state prison in Schwenksville before determining in which of Pennsylvania's 22 male prisons he will serve his sentence, prison spokeswoman Amy Worden wrote in an email.

"Mr. Cosby knows that these are lies", Wyatt said. They're going over what happened in 2004. Mr Cosby knows that God is watching over him. he knows that these are lies. He will also be required to pay a fine and court costs.

Women's rights attorney Gloria Allred reacts to the sentencing of Billy Cosby on September 25, 2018.

He will also appear on a sex-offender registry.

Cosby became the first black actor to star in a prime-time TV show, I Spy, in 1965. They said he used "his stature at Temple University, and, of course, his acting success and public persona to facilitate his drug-induced sexual assault". "For jurors, I think it's inherently changed the credibility of the accusers". "He's hidden behind a character created, Dr. Cliff Huxtable", Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said at a news conference, referring to Cosby's best-known role. Constand then pursued a civil lawsuit against the entertainer that was settled for $3.4 million.

The judge in the Bill Cosby case has gone to his chambers to weigh the comedian's punishment for a 2004 sexual assault.

During the sentencing hearing, which began on Monday in the US, Judge O'Neill heard from both the defense and the prosecution, as well as testimony and victim impact statements from the women, who have accused Cosby.

"You were convicted of a very serious crime", O'Neill told Cosby.

Throughout the nearly two-day sentencing, the prosecution reiterated Cosby's crimes and what they call his "predatory" nature: "He violated Ms. Constand's trust, which, unbeknownst to her, he spent time and energy cultivating with the specific intent of having sexual contact with her".

The first jury deadlocked in 2017.

The attack took place in Cosby's home near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Prosecutors did not give up, though, deciding to put Cosby on trial a second time.

For one, the #MeToo movement had been unleashed, toppling bad-behaving men whose abuse had previously been kept secret.

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