Trump defends court nominee: 'I am with him all the way'

Trump defends court nominee: 'I am with him all the way'

Trump defends court nominee: 'I am with him all the way'

She claims the judge pinned her to a bed, placed his hand over her mouth, tried to remove her clothes and molested her at a high school party in Maryland in 1982 - claims Mr Kavanaugh denies.

Mr Kavanaugh denies the claim.

The White House is approaching Ms Ford's potential testimony with trepidation, nervous that an emotional performance might not just damage Mr Kavanaugh's chances but could further energise female voters to turn out against Republicans in November.

"As Dr. Ford has said, she did not share her story publicly or with anyone for years following the incident with Judge Kavanaugh", Katz said in a statement, adding it was an "unremarkable" party for others so it would make sense that her friend might not remember it. "Dr. Ford of course will never forget this gathering because of what happened to her there".

'This went 36 years without a complaint, ' he said in the interview with Rivera, according to The New York Times.

She said she remembers Kavanaugh laughing and pulling up his trousers.

Trump, in a tweet on Friday, challenged Ford to produce a police report, claiming if the incident was as bad as she said, the authorities would have been notified. "I hope she comes". Kavanaugh denies the allegation.

The hearing was finally set Saturday when Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford's legal team agreed tentatively to appear after continual delays and breakdowns in negotiation over requests such as wanting Kavanaugh to defend himself before the accuser testifies.

And Trump said both should be listened to. "I remember a penis being in front of my face", she said. 'Let her have her voice, let her say whatever she has to say.

Grassley's counsel said in a note to Ford's lawyers that "the Chairman asked me to relay again that he will do everything in his power to provide a safe, comfortable and dignified forum for Dr. Ford to testify".

Her allegation against the conservative federal appeals court judge has endangered his confirmation by the Republican-led Senate to a lifetime job on the top U.S. court.

"We'll get nearly no Democrat, ' he said on the 'Geraldo in Cleveland" show on WTAM radio.

Republican Senators Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Bob Corker are considered the ones to watch for a possible defection.

Still, the White House and Republicans have cast doubt on Ms Ford's allegations. Brett Kavanaugh was unfit to serve before these latest allegations, now there can be no question that he must not serve on the highest court in the land.

It said the allegation came to the attention of Democratic senators through a civil rights lawyer.

"Brett Kavanaugh must withdraw immediately".

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee said they found out about the Ramirez allegations from The New Yorker article and blamed Democrats for withholding the information. And others voiced support for Ramirez's integrity, according to The New Yorker.

Schumer and Feinstein write that Trump's comments this past week about getting to the bottom of the charges is "is merely lip service unless you are willing to direct the FBI to investigate".

But after a few days, she chose to talk to the magazine, which published her claim Sunday, alleging Judge Kavanaugh exposed himself to her after drinking with a group of friends in a suite on campus during their 1983-1984 school year.

The New Yorker says the claim dates back to the 1983-84 academic school year, when he exposed himself to a woman named Deborah Ramirez at a dorm room party. She said she was able to escape, but the Washington Post reported that she described the episode to a therapist in 2013 as a "rape attempt".

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