Florence death toll rises to 42 as residents return to flooded homes

Trump to visit North Carolina as governor urges residents to be patient

Trump to visit North Carolina as governor urges residents to be patient

President Donald Trump on Wednesday visited North and SC, where flood levels continue to rise in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. The agency also predicted prolonged heavy rain over a large portion of the Atlantic and the Carolinas.

"They got hit, but the big hit comes days later and it will be the biggest they've ever had", said Trump, who visited North and SC this week.

His dad, Brad Whiteis, told him about Hurricane Florence and explained to Carter the possibility of flooding in the coming days.

Florence, which barreled into the Carolinas last week as a Category 1 storm and has since been downgraded to a tropical depression as it turned toward the northeast, has claimed at least 37 lives.

SC also has ordered more evacuations as rivers continue to rise in the aftermath of a storm that has claimed at least 43 lives since slamming into the coast more than a week ago.

In Conway, South Carolina authorities said residents could see damage in homes that have not flooded before.

Some 650 roads remained closed, the state's department of transportation said, warning motorists not to travel in 17 southeastern counties worst-hit by Florence.

News correspondent Gadi Schwartz captured a video of a fire ants forming colonies in North Carolina's flooded streets, sharing the video on Twitter.

Trump to visit North Carolina as governor urges residents to be patient
Donald Trump told hurricane victim with wrecked home 'At least you got a boat'

When the boy heard that his school could get flooded, he asked his dad whether they could go to his school to pray for it not to flood.

Santee Cooper in SC, a state-owned utility, is placing an inflatable dam around a coal ash pond near Conway, saying the extra 76 centimetres should be enough to keep floodwaters out.

And the danger is far from over.

Flooding: The Cape Fear, Lumber, Neuse and Trent rivers are overflowing and continue to cause major flooding across nine counties in southeastern North Carolina, officials said. Particularly concerning is the continued swelling of the 140-mile long Waccamaw River, which runs through both states.

The Carolina Panthers and team owner David Tepper plan to donate more than $1.4 million to Hurricane Florence relief efforts.

Areas are also dealing with increased public health risks from the flooding - including raw sewage, carcasses and wild animals that could get trapped. Though it is still unclear how much of the waste is in the storm water, even small exposures to feces, which contain bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella, can pose significant health issues to the residents.

Coal ash can contaminate water and harm fish and wildlife. Similar to hog waste, the ash is collected in landfills close to the energy plants. "We need a serious national discussion about the urgent, existential threat from climate change and how we are going to fix it-and it's very hard to have that conversation when media won't talk about the topic". Moody's estimated that Harvey's damage hit $133.5 billion, the Journal said.

The coastal city of Wilmington, North Carolina, remained cut off by floodwaters on Thursday.

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