China, Russia warn USA to withdraw sanctions on military

China, Russia warn USA to withdraw sanctions on military

China, Russia warn USA to withdraw sanctions on military

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement that China's Equipment Development Department and director Li Shangfu made a "significant transaction" involving the purchase of Russian combat aircraft and surface-to-air missiles.

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman accused Washington of playing unfairly and using new measures to squeeze Moscow out of the global arms market, after the United States slapped sanctions on China for buying Russian warplanes and missiles and threatened to target its other clients.

While being added to the blacklist does not trigger sanctions, anyone doing business with a blacklisted person or entity could face penalties like those imposed on China.

China's foreign ministry demanded the US cancel the measure, as Moscow also lambasted the sanctions and warned that the Trump administration was "playing with fire".

"Sanctions are used as a weapon of unfair competition - all of this we perfectly remember from the situation with the Nord Stream 2", Senator Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Russian Upper House Committee for International Relations, said.

The sanctions will block the Chinese agency and Li from applying for export licences and participating in the United States financial system.

CAATSA, or the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, was passed in 2017 as a tool that gives the Trump administration more ways to target Russia, Iran and North Korea with economic and political sanctions.

Moscow denies any effort to meddle in us politics, although Vladimir Putin admitted at a summit this summer with Trump that he wanted the Republican to prevail in the 2016 election over Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. thinking is pretty straightforward: By targeting countries that buy Russian weapons, the trying to squeeze the money Moscow gets from selling arms: buy from them and you might also be blacklisted.

One State Department official, who briefed reporters and speaking on condition of anonymity, insisted that the China sanctions targeted Moscow only, not Beijing or its military. "We have had some good results in probably preventing the occurrence of several billions dollars worth of transfers simply by having the availability of this sanctions tool in our pockets".

Peskov called the new sanctions hostile and unpredictable, but did not say how Russian Federation would respond.

Washington is not introducing any new sanctions against the blacklisted individuals or organizations, though many of them were targets of previous USA restrictions.

The US Department of State in a statement said the actions were not meant to "undermine the military capabilities or combat readiness of any country".

The EDD's primary aim is to improve China's military tech and procurement.

China relies less on large big-ticket purchases from Russian Federation, but Chinese defense industries are seeking expertise from Russian Federation and former-Soviet states to plug knowledge gaps, he said.

A Russian MP said the U.S. sanctions will have no impact on the sales of its fighter jets and missiles.

"This is a significant step", the administration official said.

Another 33 Russian intelligence and defense officials were also set on the blacklist.

Washington has expressed concern that Turkey's planned deployment of the S-400s could pose a risk to the security of some US -made weapons and other technology used by Turkey, including the F-35 fighter jet.

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