Leaders Kim Jong Un, Moon Jae-in meet in Pyongyang

North Korea blames “gangster-like” US for stalled denuclearization talks but Kim praises Trump

North Korea blames “gangster-like” US for stalled denuclearization talks but Kim praises Trump

"I'd like to have frank dialogue with Chairman Kim on how to find a point of contact between USA demands for denuclearisation and North Korea's demands for ending hostile relations and security guarantees", Moon told reporters before departing for the region. Sitting beside Kim Jong Un during the first round of inter-Korean talks in the three-day summit, she made her presence known as his trusted confidante. Almost 3,000 journalists watched her giving directions to South Korean President Moon Jae-in himself as the two Korean leaders stood on stage facing North Korean honor guards.

While the South Korean government described the military agreement as "equivalent to declaring an end to the Korean War", some experts said the measures have "adverse effect" on South Korea's readiness posture in the absence of concrete steps for denuclearization by the North.

North Korea is willing to move towards dismantling its main Yongbyon nuclear site if the U.S. takes reciprocal actions, the statement said, without providing further details.

President Donald Trump embraced Kim after meeting with him in Singapore in June. Washington is demanding concrete action towards denuclearization before agreeing to key goals of Pyongyang - declaring an official end to the 1950-53 Korean War and easing tough global sanctions. It's unclear if North Korea will unveil nuclear production facilities other than Yongbyon, and disclose the location of its mobile launchers that can fire intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach the American homeland.

The dismantling of Donchang-ri test site is not new.

Vipin Narang, a politics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said Kim offered "just enough to keep the charade going".

Moon said that this would require corresponding measures from the United States in line with the June declaration agreed by Trump and Kim.

Arms control expert Jeffrey Lewis said the consensus view was that the uranium enrichment facility at Yongbyon "was built for (the) express objective of being sacrificed".

After their first summit in late April, Moon and Kim vowed to bring a formal end to the Korean war, a lofty goal that no Korean leaders have achieved since the conflict ended in a stalemate in 1953.

The statement caps off the third summit between Kim and Moon, who is under increasing pressure from Washington to find a path forward in its efforts to get Kim to completely - and unilaterally - abandon his nuclear arsenal.

"On the denuclearisation issue, the agreement fell short of expectations", Korea University political science professor Yoo Ho-yeol told AFP. Still, Kim sounded far more specific than his late father.

Demilitarization of the Joint Security Area (JSA) in the truce village of Panmunjom will also go ahead, the MND said, adding that a trilateral consultation body between the two Koreas and the United Nations Command (UNC) will be established.

The two projects, which were suspended amid tensions between the rivals under Moon's two conservative predecessors, had been lucrative sources of cash for the impoverished North.

It was chosen after Moon expressed interest in dining at a local restaurant with ordinary citizens.

The North and South Korean military have also agreed to "withdraw all guard posts within the DMZ".

North Korea's participation in hosting the Games, which include thousands of athletes from around the world and an even larger number of spectators, would be a watershed event requiring a degree of openness and financial muscle now lacking in the isolated and impoverished country.

North Korea's pledge at a summit with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Pyongyang drew an enthusiastic response from Trump, even though some USA officials and experts fear a ploy to weaken Washington's resolve and its alliance with Seoul.

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