Brie Larson powers up in first official look at Captain Marvel

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Although we didn't get a trailer for Captain Marvel in today's first look, audiences got to feast their eyes on what all's in store for Brie Larson's Air Force pilot, Carol Danvers, and all her supporting characters. Captain Marvel will also be scored by Pinar Toprak (Krypton), marking the first time a major comic book movie has been scored by a woman. However, before she saves the MCU, we have to get to know the character, and the MCU has to sell on us on the idea that she's the right character to play the hero.

Regarding my reaction to the Captain Marvel costume, I have to say that I like what I see. "Captain Marvel" opens in theaters March 8, 2019.

The Skrulls, headed up by a green Ben Mendelsohn who plays Talos, are one of Marvel's most famous villains. They're described as the SEAL Team Six of space, which would explain why we see them confronting Kree radical Ronan the Accuser in a new image.

Captain Marvel will be Marvel's first female-led superhero film, and it sounds like the lead character is up to the task.

Also, EW reminds us that Captain Marvel takes place in the 90s, before Captain America was defrosted or Tony Stark built his Iron Man suit. They first appeared in Fantastic Four #2 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962, and returned to bedevil the FF throughout the Lee/Kirby run and beyond.

Wouldn't it be a shame if those Starforce jammies were suddenly incinerated and Captain Marvel and her incredibly well-preserved mentor had to make out to save the universe from ... something?

The Kree race whom we saw in Guardians of the Galaxy can also be seen. Are you excited to see him on the big screen?

"She can't help but be herself". As such, we know relatively little about this incarnation of the character, though Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has previously called her power "off the far the strongest character we've ever had".

Brie added, "She's also quick to jump to things, which makes her fantastic in battle because she's the first one out there and doesn't always wait for orders".

The film will be a period piece set in the 1990's, one of the few Marvel films not set in the present day.

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