Woman arrested after allegedly driving 100 mph with baby in car

A Texas car crash where the driver was traveling 100 mph at one point

A Texas car crash where the driver was traveling 100 mph at one point

Dramatic helicopter footage captures the shocking moment a mother crashes her vehicle and attempts to carjack while on the run with her baby.

Recently, the Texas Department of Public Safety presented a video of aviation operations at a Public Safety Commission meeting.

Caitlyn Rodriguez reportedly sped away from police when they stopped her Mercedes-Benz SUV and discovered she was wanted.

A woman in Texas took off from police and led them on a 100 miles per hour chase with a baby in the back seat of the vehicle.

She struggles to carry the vehicle seat and runs in front of a auto as she crosses the road.

Another officer removes the uninjured baby and places the auto seat on the pavement.

But officers pulled up just as she was trying to hijack the vehicle and pulled her out and forced her to the ground.

According to the DPS, the woman had outstanding warrants and fled after a DPS trooper conducted a traffic stop.

She then tried to carjack a driver - while carrying her child.

Despite having an infant in a portable child auto seat in her care, she carelessly speeds down the highway, horrifyingly weaving in front of oncoming traffic.

Catilyn Rodriguez, 29, pictured here in her mugshot after police say she led Texas DPS troopers on a chase before crashing a vehicle on June 15, 2018.

ABC News reports that the baby was taken into care by social services and that the woman was charged with evading arrest, possession of a controlled substance, and endangering a child.

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