Virginia House Leaders Meet Thursday to Redraw District Lines

Virginia House Leaders Meet Thursday to Redraw District Lines

Virginia House Leaders Meet Thursday to Redraw District Lines

To help restore checks and balances in this risky period, thoughtful Republicans and Independents need to vote in November for a Democratic Party majority in the House of Representatives. Meanwhile, Democrats accused Republicans of delaying to avoid court ordered redistricting. The court ordered lawmakers to redraw the state map by October 30. The panel determined that lawmakers illegally packed African-American voters into some districts to make surrounding districts more Republican.

To protect Trump, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence closed down its investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections before all the evidence was in, blocking Democratic members' requests to subpoena key witnesses. "It goes to great lengths to significantly weaken five incumbent Republicans".

When the special session opened Thursday, delegates briefly debated the Democrats' proposal to redraw 29 House districts. They have said they will convene as constitutionally required but that their appeal effort will continue.

Notably, the redrawn map would move some African-American voters into neighboring districts that now lean Republican. Gilbert said that Republicans will be doing a "systematic review of the plan released by Delegates Bagby and Toscano, but after our initial review it's clear that this is [a] hypocritical partisan power grab that would fail to pass legal muster".

In the present circumstance, if one believes that checks and balances among the three parts of the federal government are crucial, then electing a Democratic Party majority in the House of Representatives is imperative. Republicans now have control by just one seat. "There is going to be a jockeying of position to push the October 30 deadline, even though the governor is trying to move it in the other direction". But that almost changed previous year, when Democrats almost took control of it. Republicans criticized the Democrats' plan and have said in a court filing that other plans could also be considered.

Meantime, the group OneVirginia2021 announced it has formed a bipartisan committee to propose a constitutional amendment to require that electoral lines be drawn by a non-partisan, independent commission rather than legislators. He added, "I think the courts stated that they didn't like the idea of having a number".

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