Trump Celebrates Labor Day by Attacking Labor Leader

Canada Trade Talks In Jeopardy After Leaked ‘Off The Record’ Trump Comments

Canada Trade Talks In Jeopardy After Leaked ‘Off The Record’ Trump Comments

While the law, on average, added an extra $33,000 to the coffers of the richest taxpayers, only two percent of workers reported receiving a pay increase or bonus after their corporate employers benefited enormously. "We'll keep talking until we reach a good deal", Freeland said.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted that Canada will be left out of the new NAFTA agreement if a fair deal can't be reached, stating there was "no political necessity" for its inclusion.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard was more blunt, telling reporters that Trump is not a friend to Canada. Mexico needed to have a deal quickly before their president leaves office and that required signature by the end of this week and the deal was done with the Canadians outside of the room.

"Right now, the US has the negotiating leverage in the negotiating room but Canada has the leverage in terms of Congress, the business community and the general USA public, but that balance will not last forever", Ujczo said. Free Trade Agreement, which preceded NAFTA.

That letter started a 90-day required notice period for Congress before the president can legally sign a new deal.

Also nettlesome is a provision in the U.S. -Mexico deal that shields U.S. makers of biologics - ultra-expensive drugs produced in living cells - from generic competition for 10 years instead of the eight Canada is willing to live with: The Canadians fear the protection will drive up drug prices and make their government health care system more costly.

Trump's comments came after the United States and Canada failed to meet a Friday deadline imposed by the Trump administration to revamp the NAFTA trade agreement as major differences remain in bilateral talks. "I think the key decision was freezing Canada out and then negotiating directly with Mexico".

Josh Roe, deputy secretary of agriculture in Kansas, stressed the importance of the NAFTA deal for Kansas farmers.

On Friday, Thomas J. Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, issued a statement stressing that a revised NAFTA must include all three countries.

Driving that optimism was agreement on auto content that would favour Canada and the United States due to their higher-wage workers, making it less appealing for manufacturers to move production to Mexico.

"Our country is doing better than ever before with unemployment setting record lows", he said on Twitter.

Donald Trump has repeatedly denounced NAFTA as "one of the worst trade deals ever made".

Even if Canada doesn't join and it becomes a U.S. -Mexico accord, the administration believes it can satisfy Congress's requirements using the fast-track route, the official said. They also announced that they would resume talks on Wednesday after four days of intense negotiations in Washington ended without a final agreement.

Rep. Kevin Brady, Texas Republican and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said NAFTA needed updating and the president's notification was an important step toward that goal.

These tariffs are the administration's response to its charges that Beijing uses predatory tactics to try to supplant US technological supremacy.

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