Air Leaking From Russian Side Of International Space Station

The International Space Station

The International Space Station

Roscosmos is still continuing to investigate what caused the leak.

In a status update, NASA said the leak was isolated to a hole that's about 2 millimeters (0.07 inches) in diameter in the orbital compartment of Russia's Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft, which is attached to the Russian-built Rassvet module on the station.

Program officials and flight controllers for the International Space Station are monitoring a small leak detected on the ISS Wednesday night. When the crew awoke this morning, mission controllers both in Houston and outside of Moscow attempted to pinpoint the leak.

A joint crew effort led the astronauts to discover a small breach in a Russian segment of the ISS.

The crew had to search for a leak, which was eventually traced to the Russian space capsule docked with the station.

According to tweets from the space news website, a hole was found and initially taped over as a temporary fix. Orbital debris, even the tiniest speck, is a constant threat to spacecraft. "This is a section of the Soyuz that does not return to Earth". On Twitter, it confirmed "all systems are stable" despite the "tiny leak". These strikes are not unheard of. But when an alarm rings out on the International Space Station, things are obviously a bit more serious. But although the most expensive real estate on Earth comes with plenty of space (as in square footage), the ISS is a claustrophobic's nightmare.

Oleg Artemyev and Sergey Prokopyev of Roscosmos, both from Russian Federation. This includes identifying how microbes grow and replicate on the ISS, studying how atoms behave in the extreme conditions of space, and testing navigational techniques that may be beneficial for future, deep-space missions.

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