Allen Weisselberg, Trump Organisation CFO, granted immunity in Cohen probe

Cohen pleaded guilty this week in federal court in Manhattan to campaign finance violations alleging he coordinated with Trump on a hush-money scheme to buy the silence of a porn actress and a Playboy model who alleged affairs.

People instantly recognized who was in Conway's sights in this tweet.

"By keeping celebrities' embarrassing secrets, the company was able to ingratiate itself with them and ask for favors in return", the AP reports.

In addition to being the longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization, Weisselberg is also one of two trustees of the trust that controls the president's assets. But to rise to the level of a felony charge state or local prosecutors would have to determine whether Trump Organization executives knew the documents were bogus and if they were created to cover up other crimes. The magazine reports that Pecker and Trump haven't spoken in eight months.

Cohen began wondering to friends whether loyalty with Trump had become a one-way street, the people said.

The Enquirer allegedly used a tactic known as "catch-and-kill" - when a publication buys the rights to a damaging story for the goal of sitting on it and keeping that story out of the news.

"Pecker provided invaluable media support to Trump by regularly attacking his Republican rivals and Hillary Clinton" throughout the 2016 campaign, Vanity Fair reported. Mr Trump testified in a case years ago that Mr Weisselberg was the one who values his properties and other assets. Daniels was paid $US130,000, and McDougal was paid $US150,000.

It comes on the heels of US President Donald Trump's latest scandal, in which he was allegedly recorded saying the N-word while filming "The Apprentice". In April, Trump denied he knew anything about the Daniels payment.

"Nothing has changed", Davis told Axios of the testimony on Thursday. Cohen refers to Weisselberg on the audio excerpt released publicly last month. But Cohen was never given a prominent spot in the campaign.

Trump and Cohen had long stopped speaking, but word would get back to the lawyer that the president was belittling him.

"Hardly", Giuliani replied. "I think it's inevitable that he won't".

Two executives at American Media Inc., which publishes the National Enquirer, a supermarket tabloid reportedly involved in making the payments, have also been granted immunity in the investigation, according to news media reports.

"The bigger company is the American Media Inc., it's a holding company, it encompasses the National Enquirer, as it's flagship, USA magazine, Life & Style, In Touch", Alpert explained.

Cohen pleaded guilty to tax and campaign finance violations Tuesday.

"AMI states unequivocally that any suggestion that it would seek to "extort" the President of the United States through the exercise of its editorial discretion is outrageous, offensive, and wholly without merit", Stracher wrote in a letter obtained by The Associated Press.

Weisselberg has worked for Trump for decades and is one of his most loyal business retainers.

President Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen exits a New York courthouse on April 16, 2018 in New York City.

Weisselberg, working with another Trump Organization executive, helped arrange payments to Cohen that totaled $420,000.

The Enquirer endorsed Trump for president in 2016, the first time it had ever officially backed a candidate.

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